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New Google Flagship Phone
GOOGLE has announced the latest version of its Pixel smartphone, version 5. A popular choice for smartphone photography owing to its smart in-phone JPEG processing, the new phone features a dual rear camera that consists of a 16MP ultra-wide angle le
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The 2020 leaderboard
Eric Browett’s stunning winning shot of a kingfisher means he jumps into sixth place, with Zay Yar Lin retaining his lead. Ales Krivec, Joanna Smart and Kai Kolodziej all had two images in the top 20, so only their highest-scoring photograph counts.
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Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art
Two years after the release of the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Art, the Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art arrived. This highly anticipated prime received a lot of interest when word got round that Sigma wasn’t out to compete against Canon or Nikon prime lenses o
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The Latest And Best Books From The World Of Photography
By Claudia Acott Williams, foreword by David Cannadine, hardback, Merell, 224 pages, £29.95, ISBN 9781858946863 Presenting more than 200 royal photographs stretching back to the mid 19th century, The Crown in Focus starts with the birth of photogra
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Baby Boom
It’s always an exciting time when the Sony World Photography Awards shortlist and finalist series are announced. As usual, looking through the 90-plus sets of images, many are done well and many I would like to have done. The reportage, Baby Boom, by
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For And Against
+ Offers fantastic value for money + Exceptional image quality + Great 75mm (equivalent) lens on cropped APS-C cameras + Sweet spot of sharpness between f/5.6 and f/8 + Robust build quality - Heavier than some alternative 50mm f/1.4 lenses - No
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From The Archive
LADIES and gentlemen, I present the world’s smallest 35mm SLRs. Like regular SLRs but shrunk, like our cover model’s shorts, to tiny proportions. Step aside, Olympus, the Pentax ME and MX have stolen your crown. If you think modern cameras are expens
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Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford is a London-based photographer and specialist printer working primarily in urban landscape and portraiture. His work has been exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. For over 20 years he has run Lighthouse Darkroom, one of the UK’s premi
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What The Owners Think
For many years the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II was my first-choice prime, but I’d been on the lookout for a similar focal length lens capable of delivering a better optical performance matched with superior build quality. I was tempted by the Canon 50mm f
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Kit List
Printing out your mood boards and bringing them with you to the shoot will allow the whole team to have easy access to them for reference throughout the day. This is Rossella’s favourite lens for close-up portraits and beauty shots. The focal length
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Caught on Film
For many film photographers, 120 is the ideal format. It offers high-quality negatives, relatively portable equipment and prior to digital, was the standard for many professional photographers. The variety and types of cameras produced since Kodak la
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Cley Spy Mulepack
● £59 ● THE CLEYSPY Mulepack isn’t your average camera backpack. Specially designed for wildlife and bird photographers who’d like to carry a telescope and tripod setup whilst leaving their hands free to use binoculars or negotiate
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An Eye For Beauty
Fashion and photography enjoy a symbiotic relationship. When a designer or cosmetics company launches a new range, imagery plays a key role in promoting the garments or products and their associated lifestyles. These images could be designed to glamo
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120 Project Slovenian portraits
I was asked in 2011 if I would be interested in working on a series of portraits documenting participants in the Slovenian Ministry of Culture’s Artist in Residence London programme. I was looking for a new subject for portraiture, so gladly accepted
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The FT-2
LAUNCHED 1958 PRICE AT LAUNCH £28 5s 9d (approximately £28.29p) GUIDE PRICE NOW £150-200 HUMAN eyes view the world in a panoramic format, which might account for the number of panoramic cameras that have come and gone over the years. Of the severa
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Rossella Vanon
Rossella Vanon is an award-winning beauty and fashion photographer, retoucher and educator renowned for her use of light and colour. Based in London, her clients include GHD, Lipsy and Vogue, she regularly teaches workshops and has even written a how
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120 Camera And Film Tips
1 Many 120 cameras use a waist level finder, offering a different viewpoint than holding the camera up to the eye to focus. It can also help the photographer appear less noticeable when working which is always an asset and especially useful for stree
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Our Guide To The Suffixes Used By Lens Manufacturers
AF Nikon AF lenses driven from camera AF-S Nikon lenses with Silent Wave Motor AF-P Nikon lenses with stepper motors AL Pentax lenses with aspheric elements APD Fujifilm lenses with apodisation elements APO Sigma Apochromatic lenses ASPH Aspher
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Editing Before And After ▲
‘RETOUCHING an image should always start with eliminating small distractions and enhancing already existing details. We can indeed take the editing further and get very creative, but it is this initial step that will make all the difference. That’s e
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Join the Club
When was the club founded? Bakewell Photographic Circle, whose name subsequently changed to Bakewell Photo Club, was founded in September 1941 by John Marchant Brooks, a local estate agent. He formed the club with a small group of fellow enthusiasts
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Buying Guide
Interchangeable lenses come in a huge array of types for shooting different kinds of subjects IN GENERAL, the easiest way to expand the kinds of pictures you can take is by buying different types of lenses. For example, telephoto lenses let you zoom
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A Week In Photography
This week we talk to top fashion and beauty photographer Rossella Vanon to find out just how much work goes into those stunning portraits that fill the women’s glossies –from planning, styling, lighting and shooting through to the retouching. If you
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10 Top Tips For Beauty Photography
Good pre-shoot planning makes for a smoother and more organised shoot that is more likely to reflect the guidelines and mood board. If you shoot close-ups, use a long enough lens that won’t distort the image when in close proximity to the subject. A
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Bakewell Photo Club
Meets 7.30pm Monday evenings, approximately fortnightly (see website for programme) from September to April Membership £40 single, £60 double. No additional meeting fee (optional cuppa and homemade cake only £1). £4/meeting for visitors; up to two m
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Berenice Abbott
Berenice›Abbott (1898-1991) is remembered as one of the most independent, determined and respected photographers of the 20th century and known, amongst other things, as the woman who documented the birth of modern-day New York. For me there are two s
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This Week In 1932
Edwin Davey, riding a penny farthing over Lambeth Bridge in London, and blowing a bugle to warn of his approach. Penny farthings were the first machine to be known as a ‘bicycle’, first becoming popular in the 1870s. Although it became virtually obso
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Rossella’s Retouching Workflow
I start by assessing my shot and identifying any problem areas. I always start from the most problematic area and then work my way towards the more subtle, creative adjustments. I have assessed that hair is the problem area in this image, so I tackle
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At A Glance
£1,449 body only £1,719 with 24-50mm kit lens • 24.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor• EXPEED 6 image processor• 5-axis in-body stabilisation• 3.68m-dot OLED EVF• 4.5fps burst shooting• Dual SD card slots ■
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AP Picture Of The Week
‘I took this in February, before Covid-19 came,’ says Arjun. ‘Theyyam is a traditional art form performed in Kerala, India. It tells the story of Kandanar Kelan, who died in a fire and was brought back to life by the warrior god Wayanattu Kulavan, an
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Start ‘em young
I loved reading the articles on the joy of film (AP, 29 August). My first camera was a Kodak Cresta 3, with 120 film, around 1963, which I still own. But my, how times have changed. My dear granddaughter visits us most days, and a couple of weeks ago
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