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Chinese Radar Breakthrough Will See Commercial Drones Soar In Power And Applications, Says Shenzhen Team
A breakthrough in radar technology allowed a commercial drone to capture high-definition images previously only achieved by military drones, according to the Shenzhen research team behind the development. The researchers put a synthetic aperture rada
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China's World's Factory Tag Threatened By Vietnam, But 'There's Nothing To Worry About', Analysts Say
Worries that Vietnam could replace China to become the new manufacturing powerhouse are overstated, according to analysts, despite lockdowns and stringent coronavirus restrictions shifting orders to Southeast Asia. Headlines have been stirring up con
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Incoming Leader John Lee Working On Strategy To Reopen Hong Kong Border With Mainland China, May Reduce Quarantine For Arrivals
Incoming leader John Lee Ka-chiu is working on a strategy to reopen Hong Kong's borders with mainland China and the rest of the world, including a possible reduction of mandatory quarantine for travellers, and also plans to attend the Apec leaders' s
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'It Can Create Life': Chinese Team Claim Stem Cell Breakthrough In Mice Study
Chinese scientists say they have found a way to reprogram stem cells so they have potential to generate an entire organism. In a study on mice cells published in the journal Nature journal on Tuesday, Tsinghua University researchers said the stem cel
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Incoming Hong Kong Leader John Lee Promises More Aggressive Approach To Countering 'Fearmongering And Badmouthing' By City's Critics
Hong Kong leader-in-waiting John Lee Ka-chiu has promised to adopt a more aggressive approach to countering "fearmongering and badmouthing" by critics of the city, insisting that being sanctioned himself by the United States would not stop him from p
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6 Ways China Thinks It Can Offset Zero-Covid Impact To Get Its Economy Back On Track
China has unveiled a package of policies with the hope of avoiding a contraction in the second quarter of the year after Premier Li Keqiang sent a rare warning of an economic slowdown and ordered local cadres to front-load support plans. Beijing unve
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Chinese Rights Advocate Xu Zhiyong On Trial For State Subversion Amid Secrecy And Tight Security
China is putting two of the country's most prominent civil rights leaders, Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi, through closed-door state subversion trials this week amid tight security. No family members or supporters were allowed to attend Xu's trial held in
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As China-Horn Of Africa Peace Conference Ends, Beijing's Envoy Offers To Play Regional Security Role
As China seeks to play a bigger role in promoting peace and security in the Horn of Africa, it faces complex challenges in bringing lasting stability to the region, where it has large investment and security interests. During the China-Horn of Africa
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China-US Relations: Joe Biden's Asia-Pacific Trade Framework To Be Handled With 'Caution', Beijing Advisers Say
China should take an objective and cautious attitude towards US President Joe Biden's Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), top-ranking former Chinese officials have said. The IPEF, which is not a traditional free-trade agreement but seeks to estab
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Beijing Sends 29 Warplanes Into Taiwan's Air Defence Zone In One Of Largest Fly-bys Of 2022
Beijing sent 29 warplanes into Taiwan's air defence zone on Tuesday, the third-largest fly-by this year and the latest in mainland China's effort to unnerve the self-ruled island. The sorties comprising 17 fighter jets, six bombers and other supporti
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China's Mars Mission On Track To Lead The World In Retrieving Martian Rocks By 2031, Says Programme Veteran
A senior space official has confirmed China plans to bring rocks home from the surface of Mars by 2031, which could make it the first nation to deliver Martian samples to Earth. The timeline is two years ahead of a US-European planned Mars mission to
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European Nations Tell China 'Self-isolation' Is Stoking 'Mistrust' In Plea For Easing Of Covid-19 Curbs
A group of European ambassadors to China has alerted Beijing to the "consequences" of maintaining its zero-Covid policy, calling on authorities to ease rules that prevent face-to-face meetings to avoid misunderstandings. China was drifting apart from
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Ex-Hong Kong Governor: China Breached City Autonomy Pledge 'Comprehensively'
The agreement between China and Britain to guarantee a "high degree of autonomy" for Hong Kong for 50 years following its handover to Chinese control a quarter-century ago has been "breached comprehensively" in recent years by Beijing, according to C
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How The US' Xinjiang Labour Law Has Crippled China's Cotton Industry Before Even Entering Effect
With the next harvest a mere three months away, cotton mills in China's far west Xinjiang region are currently sitting on about 3 million tonnes of unsold inventory - a massive stockpile more than a million tonnes larger than it usually is this time
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Chinese Scientists Want To Build A Powerful Telescope To Find Dark Matter
Chinese scientists want to build a next-generation space observatory that could put them in a leading position in the search for dark matter - if it works out. The ambitious Very Large Area gamma-ray Space Telescope, or VLAST, is still in the early r
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New US Senate Bill Proposes Expansion Of Taiwan Military Aid
In the latest effort by American lawmakers to protect Taiwan in the face of growing Chinese threats, a bipartisan pair of senators on Friday introduced expansive legislation that would increase defence assistance to the self-governing island. The bil
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Incoming Hong Kong Leader John Lee Finalises Cabinet Line-up, Submits List To Beijing For Consideration
Hong Kong's incoming leader John Lee Ka-chiu has finalised the line-up of his cabinet and submitted it to Beijing for consideration, and has pledged to announce the list once it receives the green light. Declining to give any names, Lee on Friday sai
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Nicholas Burns, US Ambassador To China, Stresses Need To Find Common Ground Amid Tense Relations
US-China relations are at their lowest point in 50 years, marked by intense competition, growing tension over Taiwan, and Beijing's aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, but Washington is committed to finding common ground despite the difficulties,
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More Than 90 Per Cent Of Oil Slicks Threatening Global Marine Life Caused By Humans, US And Chinese Scientists Find
More than 90 per cent of chronic oil slicks in the world's oceans come from human sources, not just half as previously thought, new satellite image analysis indicates. Ships, oil platforms and pipelines were responsible for as much as 94 per cent of
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US Security Adviser Says Hard Line On Russia Is Needed To Dissuade China From Similar Moves
US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Thursday that the US was standing firm against Russia and its invasion of Ukraine to dissuade "would-be aggressors" like China from taking similar actions. "If the United States let [Russia's invasio
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Why Is China's Inflation Rate Low Compared To The US, Europe And Britain?
China's benign inflation readings are in marked contrast to many advanced economies, giving the country space for more monetary loosening while the United States, the European Union and Britain hike rates. The consumer price index (CPI) grew 2.1 per
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Top US Human Rights Official Decries 'Transnational Repression' Campaign By China
The top US human rights official told lawmakers on Wednesday that the federal government was struggling to finance initiatives to protect US residents from "transnational repression", amid growing concern about China's alleged attempts to target and
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China's Party Congress Promotions To Emphasise Political Security
President Xi Jinping is expected to consolidate his reshaping of China's national security apparatus at the 20th party congress in the autumn, to rebuild the battered reputation of a sector that has been plagued with corruption scandals. Under Xi's l
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US Military Looks To Allies To Tackle 'Significant Logistics Challenge' In Indo-Pacific
As China rapidly modernises its military, the United States is concerned about how those new PLA investments might be used in the Indo-Pacific region, especially in the Taiwan Strait. Logistics are also an issue for the US when operating in waters fa
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Chinese Students' Dream Device Defeats Japan's Most Powerful Supercomputer In World Contest
A small computer developed by Chinese students outperformed Japan's most powerful machine in solving a major complex data problem related to artificial intelligence, according to the latest global ranking. Supercomputer Fugaku in Japan has nearly 4 m
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BTS Announce Temporary Break, With Plans For Solo Releases Before Reuniting As Group
BTS will be taking a break. The South Korean superstar group announced shortly after their ninth anniversary that they would be going on hiatus for a temporary break as a team in order for members to focus on their solo careers. Sharing the news in a
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Ancient Treasure Trove Sheds Light On Mysterious Chinese Kingdom
Chinese archaeologists have unearthed a trove of mysterious artefacts in the country's southwest believed to shed light on a culture more than 3,000 years ago that never made it into the official historical record. The finds were discovered in six sa
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China Economy: With More US Tightening On The Horizon, Could This Be Beijing's Last Chance To Cut Rates In 2022?
China's all-in stance to defend the economy may justify the central bank's first policy rate cut in five months on Wednesday, a move supported by inflation figures and a return of capital inflows. A rate cut this week could be the last opportunity fo
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Don't Turn South Pacific Into US-China Geopolitical 'Boxing Ring', Beijing Says
The South Pacific should not become "a boxing ring" for the US-China rivalry, a senior Chinese diplomat has said, in a bid to ease rising concerns over Beijing's recent push for a greater security and political presence in the region. The South Pacif
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Hong Kong FCC Axed Human Rights Press Awards To Avoid Risk Of Jail, Chief Cites Concerns About Independence Of Courts Under National Security Law
The head of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) has cited his concerns about the independence of the city's courts under the national security law as a reason for axing its human rights press awards, saying he did not want to "risk going
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