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Popol Vuh: A Retelling
In a similar way, a child is like saliva: the parent’s essence is in it. The face of his parents is in the child’s, although at times one must look hard to find it.
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You Have to Suffer
“Got ‘Til It’s Gone” opens with a pan over Black men and women in oversized collars and modest dresses. The beat drops as the camera enters a house party. A sign on the wall reads Europeans Only / Slegs Blankes, evoking apartheid South Africa. Then J
Guernica Magazine5 min letti
The Music in Her Head
“Her records are a free assault on everything that recording itself represents,” notes a fictional Village Voice music critic in David Hajdu’s novel Adrianne Geffel. He’s referring to the title character, a virtuoso pianist whose avant-garde improvis
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Darin Strauss: Beyond Biography
“In families, at least in families like mine, a fact is interesting or useful only if it’s been encrusted into myth,” Darin Strauss writes in the afterword to his latest novel, The Queen of Tuesday. “Strauss family memories are dunked in legend; my r
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Flour Baby
Ms. Bird stood in front of the class, holding a bag of flour. “You’ll dress up your flour babies, you’ll name your flour babies, and your flour babies will go everywhere with you for two weeks.”
Guernica Magazine9 min letti
Alexis Pauline Gumbs: Everything that Made Us Still Belongs to Us
The writer of a poetic trilogy on listening to ancestral voices, Black feminism, and seeing salvation in marine mammals.
Guernica Magazine10 min lettiSociety
Chana Joffe-Walt: Nice White Parents
The producer of the hit podcast talks about how race and power shape public education, and what it will take to create a more equitable system.
Guernica Magazine15 min letti
Certification of Righteousness
When I am twelve years old, my mother asks if I have ever been molested by a relative. Yes, I say. She begins to ask who it was, then stops herself. Just tell me, she says, if he’s been through the temple. Mormons go through the temple when they beco
Guernica Magazine9 min letti
The Mighty Oak
He kept meaning to get back to Boston. From Texas. From Florida where he was before Texas. He hasn't seen his daughter. He's ashamed that it will take his own mother's funeral for him to see her, to see Kate for the first time in four years.
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Back Draft: Emma McMillan
The painter on frottage, a decorative rebellion, and the destruction of the traditional family unit.
Guernica Magazine16 min letti
Elsie Conick: A Biography in Fragments
In 1918, she became the first Black woman tennis player to appear on the cover of an American magazine.
Guernica Magazine11 min letti
Shruti Swamy: The Intensity of Language
The writer on confronting fear on the page, motherhood, and how stories help us make meaning.
Guernica Magazine5 min letti
On One’s Land
I once asked my dad: If someone laid down on the pavement in Tucson on a July afternoon, how long could they survive? He said two, maybe three, hours. I’d never known a heat that could kill as quickly as the cold does in Boston, where I’m from. Dad g
Guernica Magazine5 min letti
Objects of Curiosity
If The Lying Life of Adults, the marvelous new novel by the pseudonymous Elena Ferrante, doesn’t reach the soaring heights of her masterpiece, The Story of a New Name, that is mainly an issue of the Ferrantean accumulation—deep networks of supporting
Guernica Magazine20 min letti
How To Corrupt the Youth
For Briana Toole, philosophy is the key to helping young people understand the world around them—and stand up for themselves.
Guernica Magazine8 min letti
He couldn't decide whether to add a picture of a camera or one of himself, and in the end (I knew it), he posted a one of himself. Taken ten years ago.
Guernica Magazine2 min letti
9 Dreams
for Marina Ruiz Rodríguez 1 I hide my sanity in a clay vase. when I snore only its broken rhythm remains. 2 as a child, I repeated the same dream: 20 centimeters from my face sharp little men came alive, a single-line drawing. I always wanted to touc
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Fever In The Woods
I was two years old in 1979 when my single mother moved us into a cabin we called The Little House on top of a mountain in Vermont. There was no electricity or phone or running water, but its deficiencies now seem poetic and useful. We had a large ro
Guernica Magazine15 min letti
Angie Thomas: We Have to Get Uncomfortable
The bestselling YA author discusses how young people can make change, how grief shapes activism, and what it would mean to defund the police.
Guernica Magazine6 min letti
The Killer
A man exited the back of the house and stood looking at each of them. He was rangy like a bird of prey, and Amy startled when she noticed a large gun riding on his shoulder.
Guernica Magazine19 min letti
Fitness: How the Climate Killed My Children
My grandfather shot himself in the head with a handgun. He’d been an addict for years: booze, cigarettes, and, finally pills, but it was the cancer sticks that got him. Lung cancer you can’t come back from. Emphysema. The former was terminal, and the
Guernica Magazine12 min letti
At the Drive-In
In front of us, a July wind rippled the screen. Its blank canvas shimmered in the headlights of a handful of cars. Among the few already parked in the field were a pickup truck and a Rolls Royce so shiny I could see myself in it. In previous years we
Guernica Magazine10 min letti
Makenna Goodman: Motherhood and Isolation
The debut author of the The Shame discusses book hoarding, life in Vermont, and the weight of the past.
Guernica Magazine11 min letti
The New Wilderness
Agnes smiled through the pain. “They wouldn’t,” she said almost shyly, and Bea watched Agnes’s face contort, trying to imagine coyotes snuffling her hair.
Guernica Magazine5 min letti
Home Free
Hoping to be granted asylum status, Rosa waits and waits. In the meantime, the rules keep changing.
Guernica Magazine4 min letti
Movie Scores And The Pleasures Of Replay
Now's a very good time to go deep with a movie score—in a crowded content space, they can offer a refreshingly elliptical experience.
Guernica Magazine11 min letti
Diane Cook: “Our Humanity Is What Makes Us So Particularly Wild.”
The author reflects on writing the physical world into fiction, what makes someone a “bad mom,” and what a wilderness community has in common with The Office.
Guernica Magazine12 min letti
We Were All We Had
Even before I knew I was the only American citizen among us, I felt responsible for protecting my family.
Guernica Magazine15 min lettiSociety
Hazel Carby: “If It Can’t Actually Cope With The Entanglement Of All These Histories, Then To Me, It’s Useless.”
Using archival images across Britain and Jamaica, the writer and academic discusses the knotty colonial histories beneath our everyday soil.
Guernica Magazine7 min letti
Back Draft: Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Mirrors are simple machines. Our relationship with them, however, is a thing of great complexity. They possess a haunting kind of mastery over us, turning us toward and sometimes against ourselves. They show us who we are, at least until we look away
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