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They’ve held a royal warrant since 1862. They’ve helped bring Art Deco design values north of La Manche. They’re the official jewellery sponsors of the Baftas, their wares have appeared in endless box-office smashes, and they even made the Henri Dela
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‘I Am A Good Person. I Do Not Take Joy In Playing These Characters’
I am, and have always been, something of a second world war nut. My interest has become even more acute as the years have accumulated, with my attention shifting at any one point between the war’s various stories, battles, campaigns, services and nat
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Artingstall’s Launch Party At Isobel
06.04.22 THE RAKE wishes to congratulate our friend Paul Feig for the successful and convivial launch of his own gin.
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People following my quixotic, often bumbling video exploits in the realm of high watchmaking have noticed that I like to use the colloquialism ‘dope’ — as in, ‘Dude, this watch is dope’ — when assigning praise to my favourite timepieces. Which inspir
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Freedom Rider
If you had grown up in Sweden in the late 1960s and early seventies, you would have known the name Paulina Porizkova. It was a byword for a type of natural liberty denied a human being due to forces that Porizkova, specifically, was too young to oppo
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Stranded Content
It is one of life’s exquisite ironies that the story behind a work deemed the first novel in English, a work of the strictest Puritan spiritualism, begins with indecent behaviour on consecrated grounds. We don’t know exactly what Alexander Selkirk —
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‘The Most Important Thing Is To Be Innovative, Not Just Different’
This interview was meant to take place more than two years ago. Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, the Bulgari Product Creation Executive Director, and I had been in talks to feature him in The Rake because, frankly, his omission from the magazine in yea
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The Magic Down There
Acapulco, look here comes the sunAcapulco, it’s a day for funI can’t wait till I meet your sweet senoritasKiss everyoneThis is not time for siesta, this is time for fun… The lyrics to the title song of Fun in Acapulco — the 1963 fiesta starring Elvis
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Eye Of The Hawke
The music starts slowly, with a resonant B-flat from a distant dulcimer, like a mental lightbulb coming on for the virginal, repressed schoolboy Todd Anderson, soon to become a man. A crescendo marks the trigger-pulling of the rebellion. Not by manni
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Great Expectations
Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa. A journey to happiness. A traditional 18th century Catalan farmhouse, transformed into a luxury hotel on the Costa Brava that oozes happiness, calm, glamour and exclusivity. All 39 suites are surrounded by mature gardens a
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Trunk Show
For more than 50 years, Vilebrequin have been celebrating the spirit of summer with their famed European-style swim short. The secrets to the brand’s longevity? Perhaps the joy, freedom and confidence one feels when wearing a pair of Vilebrequin swim
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New Lease On Life
New & Lingwood possess a gravitas that most companies can only dream of. The heritage brand has been around since 1865, survived the first world war, had its flagship destroyed during the second, and has dressed the scholars of Eton for more than 150
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The Oldest Sea Dog
Mixed-breed mutts running into burning houses and emerging through the flames carrying bawling infants in their jaws; Golden Retrievers who wouldn’t know Dr. Heimlich from Dr. Hook performing abdominal thrusts on owners choking on apples; and Beagles
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Letter Form The Founder
While escapism is often seen as a coping mechanism, I look at it differently. Escapism to me is the ability to wholeheartedly lose oneself. To momentarily break free from the hegemonic oppression of reality by immersing one’s mind in a realm that pro
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Charlie is a British international fashion and portrait photographer based in London. His playful vision and dedication to the art of narrative grew out of his love of theatre and early documentary photographic projects. Charlie has captured some of
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The Man With The Golden Pen
To describe a writer who sold 40m copies of his books in his lifetime — inaugurating one of the most profitable franchises in history — as underrated would seem counterintuitive, but Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, has always seemed to provok
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The Rake
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Glossed In Antiquity
What do the adventures of Vasco da Gama, the Chinese year of the dog, and a paper-and-silk hot air balloon that glided over Paris in 1783 have in common? They — and their topical kith and kin — have all been depicted as part of Vacheron Constantin’s
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Grace Period
Tis call’d the evil:A most miraculous work in this good king;Which often, since my here-remain in England,I have seen him do. How he solicits heaven,Himself best knows: but strangely-visited people,All swoln and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye,The mere
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Gwilym The Conqueror
In The Great, the court of Catherine II of Russia unfolds like a comic marionette show. The acclaimed television satire is a modern Hogarthian take on the period drama, setting the stage for Gwilym Lee’s suave Grigor as he survives the perils of cour
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Letter Form The Editor-in-Chif
For some time my happy place has been a tiny town called Bargemon, in France, where I got married and every year spend a few weeks doing very little. Editing a magazine is a noisy game, so the kind of quiet available in Bargemon feels like a revoluti
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The joy of A. Lange & Söhne is that production is so small (in the low thousands per year), they are still something of an insider’s choice. The build quality in the hand is obvious, and the finishing is unparalleled. Looking for the definition of La
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A Narrative Shift
Rudyard Kipling said that, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten”. Thank God, then, for Ralph Lauren, who has, in more than half a century, proved himself the master storyteller of our time, a man whose sartorial
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Meet Me At The Maybourne
If I’m being honest — as you always should be in matters as serious as relaxation — there aren’t as many options for the luxurious shelter seeker in Los Angeles as you might think. There are lots of hotels, sure (an almost insane amount, actually, un
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The Art Of Genius
The eccentric genius has become something of a boilerplate historical character, and with good reason. Pythagoras — who, as the man who showed humanity that natural phenomena can be explained mathematically, basically invented physics — thought that
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Picture This…
Debbie Harry was a cooler version of Marilyn. When she performed, she perched on five-inch leather waders and wore an asymmetrical top with cropped shorts or a stylish button-down shirt open at the top to reveal just enough cleavage to be sexy but no
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Magic Touch
From diplomat to butler to a stint in the circus, Henrik Hjerl has lived a life full of adventure and spontaneity. His travels have taken him to 194 countries, and he once spent 52 days on a deserted island. Now, Hjerl spends his days teaching A-list
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The Good Times
Naomi aside, there’s always been something rather approachable about your British supermodel. Blag yourself into a Glasto compound that your lack of notoriety doesn’t deserve and you could find yourself occupying a similar slick of mud as Kate and Ca
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