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Why We Should Remember…
Fifty years ago, on 17 November 1970, Britain published its first topless Page 3 spread. This was the consequence of a heady mix of a competitive newspaper industry and an increasingly sexually permissive society. The Sun’s pictures of semi-naked you
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Britain’s Black Trailblazers
If any moment captured longstanding attitudes to the contributions of black and Asian people to British history, then it perhaps arrived in 2002, when the BBC unveiled its quest to find the ‘100 Greatest Britons’. The campaign, which was based around
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Fancy yourself a whizz on one of history’s most popular topics? Find out how you match up, with our quiz on all things Tudor - from Henry Vll’s claim to the throne to Queen Elizabeth l’s wardrobe. Disney’s latest live-acti
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Hidden Histories
On the brink of the Second World War, one of the many challenges facing those in government and the civil service tasked with planning for the coming conflict was securing the nation’s supplies of food. When war came and the expected aerial bombardme
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“We’ve Made Our Modern Lives So Stressful. But There’s A Therapy For That – Paying Attention To The Past”
Ellie Oawthorne: In the introduction to the book, you speak about being in search of reassurance and a source of optimism. Why do you think our ancient ancestors are the place to turn for that reassurance? Neil Oliver: In my work, I read across thous
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Next Month
Laurence Rees seeks out parallels between history’s most notorious dictators Charles Spencer and Dan Jones revisit a 12th-century tragedy that had historic consequences Alison Weir on how sex, love and marriage shaped the lives of royal women in the
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Like many people, I have found much pleasure and escapism in reading during lockdown, so I was delighted to see your list of 36 recommended summer reads in your August issue. Having just finished Claire Tomalin’s brilliant Samuel Pepys: The Unequalle
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A Nation At War
Cutting-edge multivolume histories of Britain in the Second World War are, it seems, like buses: you wait ages for one and then two turn up at the same time. As the other person recently to have undertaken the massive task that Alan Allport has start
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My History Hero
Francis Grose was an antiquarian, lexicographer and draughtsman. Born in London, the eldest of seven, he began publishing a series of writings entitled The Antiquities of England and Wales in 1772, before going on to compile his famous A Classical Di
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Authors On The Podcast
“We sometimes think of war crimes as being intentional, as being committed by evil people. But I think some of the worst experiences come about throughpoor planning. And in this case, the leadership didn’t care. There is nothing inherent to Japanese
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Sparta’s Last Stand
In 480 BC Xerxes, the great king of Persia, headed west into Europe with a massive force – allegedly more than 2 million fighting men and 1,207 warships. He was, by all accounts, a formidable foe. “I am Xerxes, the great king, king of kings, king of
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The Path To Power
JFK: Volume 1, 1917–1956 Viking, 816 pages, £30 In 1992, broadcaster Charlie Rose interviewed JFK biographer Nigel Hamilton and asked: “Why write about someone who’s been written so much about?” Rose pointed out that three Kennedy biographies had bee
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Cyrus the Great of Persia annexes the Greek cities of Asia Minor, prompting the Spartans to warn Cyrus not to “injure” any Greek city. Greek cities of Asia Minor rebel against King Darius of Persia with support from the European Greek cities of Athen
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Treasure Hunters
Picador, 512 pages, £25 The year 2022 promises to be an exciting one for Egypto-philes, marking the bicentenary of the decoding of hieroglyphic script and the centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Inspired by this double celebration, Toby
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Welcome Guests?
As the first huddle of Belgian refugees prepared to leave their native shores for the British city of Leeds in October 1914, excitement, relief and trepidation laced the air. Sister Marie Antoine, who had been forced to flee when her convent in Wille
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Biscuit Nation
Bodley Head, 320 pages, £18.99 Bill Bryson reckoned that only the British could get excited by “a hot beverage and a small plain biscuit”; the odds are that he’ll be a lot more understanding of our enthusiasms once he’s read this fascinating book. It
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“It is one of the most celebrated tales of ancient history. A vast “Persian army is pitted against 300 Spartan warriors guarding a narrow pass, which they defend with every last drop of blood - inspiring their fellow Greeks to ultimate victory. Thank
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Lifelong Ties
Camille Pluvier fled from Bruges in 1914 aged 14 and lived with the Chackett family in Cannock, Staffordshire. He remained in Britain after the war and began an illicit relationship with the Chacketts’ daughter, Clara, until he was drafted into the B
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The Classic Book
Eleanor of Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England (first published 1999) Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of the most controversial queens in English history, so it is unsurprising that she has long been a cause of fascination for novelists and
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This Issue’s Contributors
Since I wrote a trilogy on the history of Nazi Germany a couple of decades ago, I’ve noticed more and more conspiracy theories about Hitler and the Nazis have come into circulation, so I thought I’d investigate some of them in depth. Richard probes i
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“I Want People To See For Themselves How Creative And Ingenious Medieval Science Was”
The medieval era is often dismissed as a ‘dark age’ before the glories of the Renaissance. But, as Seb Falk explains in his new history of medieval science, this was in fact an age of wonder. He speaks to Rob Attar Medieval science is frequently disp
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Hitting A Home Run
Yale, 352 pages, £20 Thanks to movies like The Great Escape and the ludicrous sitcom ’Allo Allo! the role of escapers in the Second World War has become almost a comic cliché in the popular imagination, masking the desperate dangers run, and the sacr
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“Sherlock Holmes In Skirts”
On a crisp New York morning in September 1906, a brewery watchman was patrolling a warehouse in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, when he happened upon an unusual cloth sack. He gingerly opened the bag. Inside – to his horror – he found a decapitated torso.
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Not The Whole Picture
Allen Lane, 512 pages, £30 Fernando Cervantes has produced a veritable compendium on the Spanish conquest of the Americas, covering the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America. But painting a vast canvas was not the author’s only goal: h
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This Month In History
The mummified remains of three animals sacrificed as offerings to the souls of the dead in ancient Egypt have been unwrapped and dissected - without physically removing their bandages. The snake, cat and bird, all of which are at least 2,000 years ol
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Mistress Of Disguise
“Mrs Goodwin is a Sherlock Holmes in skirts,” declared one newspaper the day Isabella Goodwin became the world’s first female detective. Although famous in her time, Goodwin came from humble beginnings. One of seven children born to working-class par
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All In The Mind
What can you tell us about your new novel, and the real cases that inspired it? The Other Girl is set in the largest lunatic asylum in New Zealand the morning after a devastating fire in 1942, which killed 37 women locked in their ward overnight. The
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TALKING POINTS Musical statues
The reverberations of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement continue and, as the British Museum reopened its doors in August, it revealed that it had done a bit of rearranging. A statue of its founder, Hans Sloane, had been moved - or, as some sectio
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