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Victor Davis Hanson on the 2020 Election
Victor Davis Hanson joins Brian Anderson to discuss the 2020 election, the future of America’s two main political parties, the Trump administration’s foreign policy record, Joe Biden’s Cabinet picks, and more. Audio for this episode is excerpted and
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The Real Debt
When it tells us how much we owe, the government excludes trillions of dollars in obligations.
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The Bias Narrative v. the Development Narrative
Editor’s note: The following is an edited version of the lecture that Professor Loury presented to faculty and students in MIT’s Department of Economics in October 2020. Let me be provocative right at the start. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis
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Out Of Patience In California
Political atheism is spreading across California, and cynicism is taking hold. Reviling policymakers is not new, of course, but the current disdain is particularly intense. As elected officials’ disregard for constituents and the law becomes ever mor
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Pandemic Penitents
In 1349, as the Black Death ravaged Europe, a new pandemic-control strategy was adopted in cities across the continent. The protocol was precisely regulated by the experts. Three times a day, for a total of exactly eight hours, hundreds of men known
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Hard-Nosed Economist, Generous Soul
Walter E. Williams died on Tuesday night after teaching his cherished class in price theory to first-year graduate students. Walter was an old school economic thinker, and he pursued the logic of economic reasoning consistently and persistently. Gene
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Blue State, Red Tape
A Sacramento Bee headline from late October, “How liberal politics, COVID-19 and a high cost of living are fueling a new California exodus,” could have been written, without the virus reference, a year ago. Or ten years ago. The flight from Californi
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Failed Monetary Policy
The media are focused on fiscal policy failures—namely, the fight over a second Covid economic-relief bill. They should be paying much closer attention to monetary policy. The neglect is due to the long-running sense that, with interest rates down ne
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The Happiest Warrior
Bruce Herschensohn would hate what I’m about to do. He always lamented that Years of Lightning, Day of Drums—the acclaimed documentary he produced about the life and assassination of President John F. Kennedy—tended to get re-aired on the anniversary
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The New Untouchables
Seattle policymakers want to provide the city’s underclass with blanket immunity for misdemeanor crime.
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New York’s Ongoing Covid Struggle
Nicole Gelinas joins Seth Barron to discuss the financial shape of the New York region’s transit system, the importance of midtown Manhattan to the city’s economy, the disturbing spike in violent crime on streets and subways, and more.
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Set-Asides Are Unconstitutional
Andrew Cuomo makes race the basis for dispensing opportunities to entrepreneurs and small businesses.
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New York’s Homeless Crucible
Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s leading challenges has been dealing with homelessness. All cities have faced this challenge, but New York’s has been greater because it has the nation’s largest homeless population. During
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Dolly Parton’s Masterpiece
The country singer’s million-dollar Covid-vaccine donation is of a piece with her decades of philanthropic giving.
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Lies and Violence
A mass gathering of Trump supporters took place in Washington recently. As seems almost commonplace at such events these days, counter-protestors showed up, and people were physically hurt. Whatever your politics, Democrat or Republican, MAGA or Neve
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Desert Visionary
The untimely death of the widely admired Tony Hsieh, former CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos, was a double loss, both of a business innovator and of an urban innovator. In business, he was a well-known serial entrepreneur who sold the tech company
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Post-Covid And The New Normal
Scott Galloway is author of the new book Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity, professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, and a serial entrepreneur. He spoke with City Journal associate editor Daniel Kennelly about what the future hol
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Maradona of Naples
The soccer great brought hope and victory to a depressed city, as sports superstars can do.
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Growth Of The Pod
The public education establishment is losing customers as more parents take charge of how their kids learn amid the pandemic.
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Beat Cops Cut Crime
More cops mean less crime. This is one of the most robust findings of empirical criminology, supported by study after study since at least the late 1990s. But researchers still debate how, exactly, this effect comes about. Does increasing the number
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Black Fragility?
A bestselling book offers a prescription for race relations that casts whites as sinners and blacks as children.
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Brace Yourself, New York
With legislative supermajorities in Albany, Democrats look poised to push the state even further leftward.
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Rank Hypocrisy
California governor Gavin Newsom has been in the news regarding his Covid-19 policies, though probably not as he intended. Though state guidelines prohibit gatherings with more than three households—even for Thanksgiving—Governor Newsom was spotted o
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America’s Shrinking Police Forces
Charles Fain Lehman joins Brian Anderson to discuss the nationwide crisis of police recruitment and retention, the strong link between the size of a police force and the local crime rate, and policy changes that could stop the downward spiral. Lehman
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On The Ropes In Philly
Philadelphia’s restaurants had a pleasant reprieve this summer from the strict Covid-19 lockdown measures of March and April. Outdoor diners packed many a street in the city, one of America’s most walkable. Things got even better on September 8, when
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Coercing Charity
Next week is Giving Tuesday, the recently inaugurated holiday that marks the beginning of what is traditionally Americans’ most charitable time of year. In 2020, though, the giving season began many months ago. Much of that giving occurred through do
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Amiability and Its Limits
Some 28 years ago, I was sitting on a hot June day in the basement of a Paris conference center, surrounded by business executives from New York and France and a host of local media. Everyone was listening to New York’s then-mayor, David Dinkins, as
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Hope For A Normal Future
When the FDA issued its guidance for final approval of any Covid-19 vaccine, many estimated that the broad impact of effective Covid vaccines on daily life would not be experienced by most until early 2022. The cascade of factors that led to this vie
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Will Asian-Americans Trend Conservative?
In 2020, Donald Trump proved that demography is not political destiny by increasing his share of black and Latino voters over his 2016 tally. He did so in part by taking a hard line against socialism; voters from these groups had seen their household
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Governor Preen
If Hollywood were to cast a governor and future president, and if a straight white male were still politically acceptable, he would look like California’s Gavin Newsom. The 53-year-old governor, a former mayor of San Francisco, Newsom handsomely epit
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