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Rejecting The Culture Of Hate
As we approach this Fourth of July, the United States is consumed by reckless violence, nihilistic silencing, and a systematic assault on the nation’s cultural and political patrimony. The voices of sanity are few, and civic courage is in short suppl
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A Question of Freedom
In Norway, where I live, May 17 is Constitution Day. In every city, town, and hamlet in this country, the inhabitants celebrate it by dressing in traditional garb (bunad) and congregating downtown, where they wave Norwegian flags and sing the nationa
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Minnesota Madness
On May 25, George Floyd died in the custody of four Minneapolis police officers. What followed was a terroristic crime spree in the Twin Cities. As the Star Tribune reported, the damage extended to 1,500 businesses and buildings in Minneapolis and St
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Jamaica, Fourth of July, 1970
Fifty years ago, a few days after the Fourth of July, my older brother Edward shipped off to Vietnam to serve his country. He was 24 and a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Only a few weeks earlier, Edward stood proudly in the formal blue
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Support All Schools
“A state need not subsidize private education. But once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.” With those words, Chief Justice John Roberts, joined by four other members of the Supreme
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Reining In The Administrative State
Among the decisions issued by the Supreme Court on Monday, June 29, the headline case is June Medical Services LLC v. Russo—maintaining, for now, the Court’s abortion-rights jurisprudence. But Court watchers should also pay attention to another major
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The Wrong Cuts
The real problem with the NYPD budget isn’t officer headcount; it’s spiraling retiree fringe-benefit costs.
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Navigating the Pandemic Economy
Allison Schrager joins Brian Anderson to discuss economic trends in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, how the stock market has performed during the crisis, and why expensive infrastructure projects are a risky strategy for reviving the economy.
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Gettysburg: Profiles in Courage
In this summer of tumult, it’s more crucial than ever to remember and honor what soldiers fought for in the Civil War’s pivotal battle.
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Is Hamilton Next?
The hit musical, now a movie, celebrates the American Founding so unabashedly that it seems ripe for cancellation.
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It took several months for the first iteration of the Ferguson Effect to become obvious. Michael Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in August 2014, triggering local riots and a national narrative about lethally racist poli
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The Bloody End of CHAZ
Early this morning, a phalanx of Seattle police officers, armed with long batons and semiautomatic rifles, cleared out the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP). Unless Antifa militants stage an
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The End of Chaz
Early this morning, a phalanx of Seattle police officers, armed with long batons and semiautomatic rifles, cleared out the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP). Unless Antifa militants stage an
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Hong Kong Thrives Only in Freedom
Beijing has now acted to impose a new security law on Hong Kong, turning its back on the “one country, two systems” agreement to which it had committed when the former British colony returned to Chinese control in 1997. Hong Kong will be subject to t
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A Bright Spot in Health Care
Frustrated by bloat and bureaucracy, some doctors are creating their own free-market solutions.
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Mask Wars
While facemasks can’t hurt in the fight against Covid-19, the outrage directed at skeptics is excessive.
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Lights Out for Gentrification
Kay S. Hymowitz discussed life in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, social network theory, the future of cities and gentrification, and more with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. Hymowitz is the William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Inst
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It’s Not #Karen We Should Worry About—It’s #Liz
The #Karen meme has taken on new frenzy in recent weeks, with virtue enforcers roving the streets, real and virtual, intent on catching and publicly humiliating supposed race offenders. A concept that developed in part out of grievance with overbeari
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Fixing New Jersey’s Covid-19 Shortfall
Governor Phil Murphy should follow the lead of other states during this unprecedented period.
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Too San Francisco For Its Own Good
San Franciscans love complaining about how terrible San Francisco has become. We’ll bond about the high cost of rent, the homeless problem, and how we’re planning to leave the city because the techies ruined it. “I’ve been here forever, got here four
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Unions Biden Their Time
The Democratic nominee’s agenda would give a huge boost to labor organizing—especially in the public sector.
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Trust the Experts!
We should all be deeply troubled by what appears to be plummeting confidence in experts. This is an alarming trend that can only have devastating consequences, and it must stop. I say this as an expert. In what? Ethics, that’s what, which gives me mo
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Infrastructure Delusion
When discussing economics, New York governor Andrew Cuomo turned his daily Covid-19 press conferences into a surreal experience. Cuomo hardly mentioned how strict lockdowns brought small businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Instead, he touted grand
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Compounded Neglect
The lockdown is isolating abused children from the eyes of adults who know how to spot signs of trouble.
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Pushing Back on Cancel Culture
In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, the American Left has begun assaulting statues, parks, and public buildings. Protesters in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park pulled down statutes of slaveowner Francis Scott Key, who wrote “The Star Spa
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Mailing It In
Voting by mail represents progress, we’ve been told; no one should have to leave his home to exercise the franchise. Thus goes the reasoning behind a new law that requires every registered Californian to receive a ballot for the fall election through
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White Wokeness
Over the past month, protests against racism have taken place daily in America’s largest cities. They started out as a black movement against police brutality, but they have a different look now. In many cases, whites have taken over. They make conci
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“Woke” Schools
Max Eden joins Brian Anderson to discuss how America’s latest culture war appears headed for public schools—the topic of Eden’s latest story, “’There Is No Apolitical Classroom.’” Across the country, schools are preparing to reopen in September with
Manhattan Institute4 min letti
Accommodating Dysfunction
One recent morning a disheveled, visibly disturbed man ran frantically around the lobby of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the historic and elegant property located at the crest of tony Nob Hill. As one of San Francisco’s designated Front-Line Worker Housing
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Gentrification and Inequality
New York City is rezoning the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, sparking familiar arguments about gentrification. Residents oppose plans to relax land-use regulations to make room for an estimated 8,200 units of additional housing (3,000 of which wou
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