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Potential Pain Remedy Gets Inspo From Chickens
A study in mice shows that a drug makes mammalian pain receptors more like those in birds—and more resistant to some forms of pain. Researchers have discovered a possible new way to treat pain without the use of opioids. By targeting a specific area
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Higher Mortality Rate For Pregnancy With Sickle Cell Remains
The mortality rate for pregnant people with sickle cell disease is 26 times higher than the national average, research finds. That figure hasn’t improved since the last time assessment. Researchers have further documented an association between a sub
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91% Of Former NFL Players In Study Had CTE
Researchers have diagnosed 345 former NFL players with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) out of 376 former players studied, or 91.7%. Among those diagnosed in the last year are two former players who once represented the teams paired in this Sun
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Fewer Sharks Worldwide May Explain Drop In Attacks
The number of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide decreased last year, tying with 2020 for the fewest number of reported incidents in the last 10 years. According to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File, there were a total of 57
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Minors Can Consent To STI/HIV Care But Privacy Risks Remain
Minor consent laws for STI/HIV services increased across United States, but limitations persist, report researchers. As of 2021, all 50 states and Washington, DC allow youth to consent independently to some or all of these services, but the laws rema
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Bird Genomes Hint At Survival During Climate Change
Diversity in bird traits has remained relatively stable over the past million years, research finds. A new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences uses genetic data from over 250 bird species to investigate patterns of tr
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Do Traffic Signals Need A Fourth Light For Self-driving Cars?
A “white light” added to traffic signals could enable self-driving vehicles to help control traffic flow—and let human drivers know what’s going on. In computational simulations, the new approach significantly improves travel time through intersectio
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Mask Or No Mask, Babies Remember A Face
Babies who are 6 to 9 months can form memories of masked faces and recognize those faces when they’re unmasked. The new study should allay concerns of many parents and childhood experts who worry about possible developmental harm from widespread face
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Many Baby Foods Contain Toxic Metals
Some of the most popular items in the baby food aisle share a concerning ingredient: They likely contain toxic metals. What’s more, the US doesn’t have the kind of strict regulations for commercially produced baby foods that parents might expect, acc
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Coral Reefs Can Store CO2, Not Just Emit It
A new study comparing data from Heron Reef and the Middle East’s Gulf of Aqaba has disproved the long-held theory that coral reefs only have the capacity to emit CO2. The first-of-its-kind discovery is the result of an international study that found
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Neighborhood ‘Walkability’ May Boost Exercise, Lower BMI
People in highly walkable neighborhoods are more likely to engage in adequate physical activity, walk near their home, and have a lower body mass index, according to a new study. Three out of four adults do not meet the recommended levels of physical
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Without Oxytocin Receptors, Voles Are Just As Lovey-dovey
The standard understanding of oxytocin, colloquially known as the “love hormone,” may be all wrong. Researchers report surprising results from a study that turns a dogma concerning the biology of friendliness, romantic attachment, and parental probit
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To Explain Piebald Pythons, Study Pets And Lizards
New research with pythons and lizards identifies a gene that results in white blotches, or piebald coloration, in reptiles. Much of what we know about skin coloration and patterning in vertebrates generally, including in snakes, is based on lab mice.
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Team Finds Black Hole ‘Table For Two’
Astronomers have discovered a galactic table for two—a pair of unusually close black holes that are feeding together after their respective galaxies collided. The finding could have a profound impact on our understanding of later-stage galaxy mergers
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Tigers More Willing To Cross The Road During COVID Lockdown
Tigers in Nepal were two to three times more likely to cross highways during COVID-19 lockdowns than before it, a new study shows. The researchers used the nationwide lockdown as a natural experiment to test the responses of two GPS-collared tigers t
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Smart Diapers Could Tell You When Baby Needs Changing
A new wearable sensor is so cheap and simple to produce it can be hand-drawn with a pencil onto paper treated with sodium chloride. The sensor could clear the way for wearable, self-powered monitors to predict major health concerns like cardiac arres
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Elastic Material Could Protect Flexible Batteries From Gases
A new technique uses liquid metal to create an elastic material that is impervious to both gases and liquids. Applications for the material include flexible batteries and other packaging for high-value technologies that require protection from gases.
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IRS Sends Black Taxpayers At Least 2.9X More Audit Notices
Researchers have long wondered if the IRS uses its audit powers equitably. New findings show that it does not. Black taxpayers receive IRS audit notices at least 2.9 times (and perhaps as much as 4.7 times) more often than non-Black taxpayers, accord
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Lack Of Sleep Linked To College Student Suicide Risk
A new study identifies a link between sleep problems and suicidal thoughts, as well as behaviors that may help reduce suicide risk in young adults. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported suicide was the second leading cause
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Robots Can’t Fully Regain Human Trust After 3 Mistakes
Humans are less forgiving of robots after they make multiple mistakes—and the trust is difficult to get back, according to a new study. Similar to human coworkers, robots can make mistakes that violate a human’s trust in them. When mistakes happen, h
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Healthiest Noise Level For The Office Is About 50 Decibels
Too much or too little noise in the office can harm our well-being, research finds. The ideal amount is about 50 decibels, comparable to moderate rain or birdsong. “Everybody knows that loud noise is stressful, and, in fact, extremely loud noise is h
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Microbes Engineer Rock-to-life Cycle
Microbes are “active engineers” in Earth’s rock-to-life cycle, research shows. The name “critical zone” may give off 1980s action thriller vibes, but it’s the term scientists use to refer to the area of Earth’s land surface responsible for sustaining
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Oldest Bone Weapon In Americas Is Stuck In A Mastodon Rib
The Manis bone projectile point is the oldest weapon made of bone ever found in the Americas, say researchers. The team studied bone fragments embedded in a mastodon rib bone that Carl Gustafson discovered during an excavation at the Manis site in Wa
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Super Ancient Fish Skull Holds Oldest Backboned Animal Brain Fossil
A 319-million-year-old fossilized fish skull holds the oldest example of a well-preserved vertebrate brain. Scientists pulled the skull from a coal mine in England more than a century ago. The brain and its cranial nerves are roughly an inch long and
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Warming Could Lead To A 23% US Timber Tree Loss By 2100
Under more severe climate warming scenarios, the inventory of trees used for timber in the continental United States could decline by as much as 23% by 2100. The largest inventory losses would occur in two of the leading timber regions in the US, whi
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Health Stock Photos Skew Too Young, Light-skinned, Rich
The majority of stock photos related to health topics show light-skinned people in a fairly narrow age range, research finds. This makes it more difficult—and expensive—for organizations to create health education materials aimed at reaching other gr
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Antidepressants Can Boost Antibiotic Resistance
A range of commonly prescribed antidepressants can increase bacteria’s resistance to antibiotic medications, a new study finds. The researchers focused on prescription drugs used to treat depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and other psychologic
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War Killed The ‘A-woo-gah!’ Klaxon Car Horn
A new book chronicles the rise and fall of the Klaxon automobile horn, one of the first great electrical consumer technologies of the 20th century. The book, Danger Sound Klaxon! The Horn That Changed History (University of Virginia Press, 2023) shar
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TikTok Holds Useful Info About Medication Abortion
Popular TikTok videos that highlight ways to obtain a medication abortion are typically informative and useful, a study finds. The researchers evaluated the 100 most-viewed TikTok videos tagged #abortionpill, #medicalabortion, and #medicationabortion
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UN Report: Ozone Layer Is Healing Itself
The ozone layer is slowly restoring itself and is expected to be on par with 1980 levels by 2066, according to a United Nations assessment of the goals set forth in the Montreal Protocol released this month. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas compris
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