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Tweeting South Asian art
“Positive representation of Desi artists is incredibly necessary to create a progressive, culturally evolving society.”
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Is Trinidad & Tobago's LED Lightbulb Initiative A Bright Idea Or A Shot In The Dark?
It may seem like a good idea in theory, but citizens are concerned that the fiscal measure of providing 400,000 households with LED bulbs is not part of a bigger plan.
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The Indian State Of Odisha Publishes Online Dictionaries In 21 Indigenous Languages
India is home to over 780 languages and approximately 220-250 languages have died over the last 50 years.
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Bulgaria's Far-right Is Attempting To Shut Down The Country's Oldest Human Rights NGO
A member of the European Union since 2007, Bulgaria took a turn to the far-right in 2017 when PM Borisov's center-right party GERB allied itself with a small coalition of nationalist parties.
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How Ethiopia's Ruling Coalition Created A Playbook For Disinformation
Manipulation tactics used by Ethiopia's ruling coalition members against each other in their internal power struggle serve as a blueprint for opposition groups to attack their opponents and the government.
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From Dictatorship To Democracy: All Eyes On The Gambia’s Upcoming Universal Periodic Review
Ahead of The Gambia's Universal Periodic Review, which issues top the agenda of civil society organizations? "There has been a kind of a media boom after the dictatorship."
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How Bad Is African Swine Fever For The Pork Supply Crisis In China?
Animal epidemic control is about people, such as whether or not the media could effectively monitor the authorities and inform the public at early stage of the outbreak.
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Deadly Police Raids In Guinea As President Alpha Condé Clings To Power
Deadly police violence in Guinea as the president attempts to modify the constitution to cling to power. The demonstrations killed six people, including one police officer, and wounded many others.
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Journalists Face Obstacles Covering Elections In Mozambique, According To Regional Observer
In a note shared by email, he Institute for Media in Southern Africa, Mozambique chapter (MISA) said journalists have been prevented from covering political events by party members.
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India Partially Lifts Communications Blackout In Kashmir, Internet Still Down
According to a recent report, Kashmiris are resisting the clampdowns and shutdowns imposed by the Indian Central Government “through satyagraha or non-violent civil disobedience”.
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The Only Two Black Coaches In Brazil's Top-tier Football League Take A Stand Against Racism
Roger Machado and Marcão, the only two black coaches in Brazil's top-tier football league. Photo: Observatório Racial do Futebol/Used with permission When Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã stadium was built for the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it aspired t
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Rwanda Deports American Evangelical Pastor Accused Of Hate Speech And Visa Violations
Many Rwandans lauded the US evangelical preacher's deportation, decrying hate speech in Rwanda. But supporters see it as an attack on faith-based organizations by the Kagame administration. 
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Is Rihanna Barbadian Or Jamaican? Jamaican Twitter Claims The Superstar As Their Own
Barbadian Twitter users poked fun at the Jamaican Dollar exchange rate, so Jamaicans did the next best thing — they claimed Rihanna.
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Internet Censorship In Sudan: Rethinking Laws And Tactics That Served An Authoritarian Regime
Sudan's transitional authorities have taken small steps toward improving the climate for internet freedom in the country— but these remain inadequate.
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Zimbabwe Government Continues To Weaponize Information Online To Control Citizen Engagement
As a former state security minister, president Mnangagwa appreciated the importance and value of disinformation in Zimbabwe’s political terrain. 
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Thai Judge Shoots Himself In Court After Alleging Political Interference In Courtroom Decisions
"Return rulings to judges. Return justice to people....My statements might hold weight as light as a feather, but a judge’s heart must be as firm as a mountain."
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Was The Nobel Peace Prize For Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Premature?
Abiy Ahmed Ali has undertaken unprecedented reforms since he took office last year. But will he end up like other African leaders who started well, but went rogue over time?
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A Crimean Tatar Journalist's Defiant Last Words In Court
"I am a citizen of Ukraine, a Crimean Tatar, a Muslim. I am a journalist, a father, a husband, and a son. With the grace of God, these will not be my last words."
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Meet The Civic Activists Documenting Abuses In Crimea
Crimean Solidarity members livestream arrests, detentions, and court hearings on the occupied peninsula, and fundraise for detainees' legal fees. That's why Moscow has had enough of them.
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This Tanzanian Youth Advocate Has A Vision For Inclusive Education
A recent study conducted by HakiElimu found that even in schools deemed “inclusive,” the learning environment was still not very friendly for students with visual impairment.
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Youth Join Climate Strike In Japan As Government Invests In Fossil Fuels
Japan is not void of warriors shouting out for climate sustainability. But these young activists are concerned that the adults aren’t ready to hear them.
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Young Jamaican Senator Makes ‘Inappropriate’ Comments In Parliament About Breast Cancer
"How is [discussing] part of a woman's body either appropriate or relevant in a Parliamentary (or any other public/formal discourse)?"
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Algerian Government Cracks Down As Demonstrators Protest Presidential Elections
The Algerian government has tried to stop peaceful marches, but failed. Protesters stop at nothing to reach their stated goal of ending the post-independence political system.
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India's Apex Court Halts Tree Felling in Mumbai Amid Protests
The Court stay on tree-cutting in Aarey may be a temporary victory to activists fighting for preserving Mumbai forest, but India is losing the larger battle on protecting the environment.
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Police Raid On Rehab Centre In Trinidad Reveals Inhumane Conditions
Scores of people were found caged and mistreated in a rehabilitation centre that at one time received millions of dollars in government assistance.
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Arts Festival Caught In The Crosshairs Of Azerbaijan's ‘National Mentality’
One mural depicting the body of a transgender person drew so much attention that it was painted over once the festival ended — in a not so artistically-friendly way.
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Netizen Report: Iraq And Ecuador Face Network Shutdowns Amid Public Protests
Networks are down in Turkey, Iraq and Ecuador; US tech companies are cutting off Venezuelans; and gatekeepers continue holding back content related to Hong Kong protests.
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Google Removes Hong Kong Protester Role-playing Game From Its Play Store
The mobile game, entitled "The Revolution of Our Times", provides details on the political context leading up to the protests with a map on key protest sites in Hong Kong.
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Nigerian Journalist Omoyele Sowore Remains In Jail On Trumped-up Charges Of Treason And Insulting The President
Rights groups see Omoyele Sowore's continued detention and the charges filed against him as merely a criminalisation of political dissent in Nigeria. 
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‘I And We': The Rallying Cry Of Russian Protests
As the product of no particular political grouping or ideology, Я/Мы has become a relatively neutral rallying cry around which citizens of all political persuasions can unite.
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