Global Voices5 min lettiPolitics
Official Obfuscation Trails The Lagos Shooting Of Anti-police Protesters
To cover their tracks after the gunning down of unarmed, peaceful protesters, some Nigerian state institutions are promoting false information and propaganda on social media.
Global Voices3 min lettiPolitics
Fighting Disinformation And Fact-checking The Myanmar Election
Global Voices interviewed Thet Min, fact-checker for ‘Real or not’ fact-checking news website, about their efforts to expose and stop disinformation in Myanmar ahead of the November 8 elections.
Global Voices5 min letti
Trinidad & Tobago Team Reports ‘Minimal To No Risk’ Of An Oil Spill From Stranded Venezuelan Tanker
A group of experts from Trinidad and Tobago comprised “the first agency besides engineers of Venezuela” to set foot on the vessel, which carries approximately 1.3 million barrels of crude oil.
Global Voices4 min letti
Dancehall Star Buju Banton’s Rejection Of Mask-wearing Stymies Jamaican Government’s Efforts To Stem ‘COVID-19 Fatigue’
"Please do not listen to Buju Banton [...] in this case, he is 110% wrong. Wear your mask, wash your hands and socially distance."
Global Voices3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Failing To Portray Protesters As Violent, Thai Government Lifts Severe State Of Emergency
The government failed to portray the protesters as aggressive and violent, causing a political backfire and pressuring authorities to step back.
Global Voices5 min lettiCrime & Violence
Pakistan Lifts Ban On TikTok With Conditions
Pakistani social media users strongly reacted to the ban on TikTok and criticized the telecom regulator.
Global Voices5 min lettiMedical
As War In Nagorno-Karabakh Rages, So Does A Pandemic
COVID-19 looms on an unrecognised state at war, nearly severed from its only ally, as winter approaches.
Global Voices8 min lettiMedical
Russia's Indigenous Peoples Are In The Crosshairs Of COVID-19
A raft of social and environmental issues makes indigenous peoples of Russia's Far North uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19 — many of these, say activists, are linked to resource extraction.
Global Voices6 min letti
Ali Banisadr and The Art Of ‘Visual Thinking’
Ali Banisadr's MATRIX 185 exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is the Iranian-American artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the US.
Global Voices3 min letti
Japan's ‘Least Attractive’ Prefecture Gets A Little More Love In 2020
After ranking last for seven consecutive years, Ibaraki jumped up five spots on an annual survey ranking Japan's prefectures by "attractiveness."
Global Voices3 min lettiPolitics
Indian Ad Featuring Hindu-Muslim Family Pulled After Rightwing Backlash
The advert by jewellery brand Tanishq shows a Hindu woman being led by her Muslim mother-in-law to a traditional Hindu baby shower.
Global Voices4 min lettiGender Studies
In Haiti, Homophobic Movements Use Anti-colonial Rhetoric Against LGBTQI+ Communities
Photo of the group “Facsdis Haiti LGBT” on Facebook. Used with permission. In late-June, a new draft penal code was decreed by Haitian President Jovenel Moise which has made discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation punishable for the first tim
Global Voices6 min lettiPolitics
In Belarus, Tech Workers Fear For Their Industry’s Future
Longtime Belarusian ruler Alyaksandr Lukashenka boasts that he has created a "paradise" for Belarusian IT. So why are young tech workers protesting against him — or even moving their businesses overseas?
Global Voices4 min lettiPopular Culture & Media Studies
Who Is Selling Ukrainians’ Personal Data Online And For What Purposes?
A trove of Ukrainians'' personal data available online as a consequence of leaks or illegal sale creates ripe conditions for targeted dissemination of malicious content ahead of October 25 local elections.
Global Voices3 min letti
During The Pandemic, El Salvador Hopes To Revive Tourism With A Folkloric Art Rebrand
"To recover the identity and pride of being Salvadorans, today we launch the destination brand El Salvador inspired by the work of Fernando Llort."
Global Voices3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Ending Police Brutality In Nigeria: A Festival Of Lights To Honor The Dead
Protesters from the #EndSARS movement agreed to hold a festival of lights on Friday night in honor of heroes who lost their lives due to police brutality.
Global Voices4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Nigerian Military Opens Fire On Peaceful Protesters In Lagos
Nigerian security officials opened fire on protesters in Lekki, Lagos, reportedly killing at least three people. Civil society groups say the government has "declared a war on the people."
Global Voices5 min lettiPolitics
#EndSARS Protest Movement At A Crossroads As Government Evades The Issue
The Nigerian government has shown zero commitment to protesters’ demands for police reform but wallows in self-deluding verbal platitudes that are as ineffectual as they are dishonest.
Global Voices3 min lettiPolitics
The Caribbean's Case For Reparations: Part III
Reparatory justice can play an important role in dealing with challenges like disease, climate change and COVID-19, all of which pose existential threats to the region.
Global Voices3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Myanmar's Election Commission Censors Speeches Of Political Parties In Run-up To Election
"This censorship seems like something the dictatorship did. They shouldn’t mess with the party’s tone. Shouldn’t there be freedom of expression?"
Global Voices3 min lettiCrime & Violence
For Journalists In Kenya, ‘2020 Is The Worst Year On Record’
Since the novel coronavirus outbreak in Kenya in March, more than 47 cases of arbitrary arrest, assault and harassment have been perpetrated against bloggers, online activists and human rights defenders.
Global Voices4 min lettiWorld
Thailand's Democracy Protests Reflect Rising Dissatisfaction Over The Monarchy
Criticizing the monarchy is a crime in Thailand yet protesters, especially young activists, continue to organize rallies calling for monarchy reforms.
Global Voices5 min lettiNature
Marine Ecosystems And Livelihoods At Risk If Venezuelan Oil Tanker Sinks
The FSO Nabarima, a tanker filled with approximately 1.3 million barrels of crude oil, is in imminent danger of sinking and causing an ecological disaster in the Gulf of Paria.
Global Voices4 min lettiPolitics
Undaunted By The October 16 Crackdown, Protestors Once Again Take To Bangkok’s Streets
"There is no more staying neutral, either you side with democracy or side with dictatorship that uses power unfairly."
Global Voices4 min lettiPsychology
Understanding Pandemic Fatigue
As we continue to struggle to maintain safety measures, it is important for us to shift from a culture of blaming to one that supports and leads with kindness.
Global Voices4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Australian Sexual Assault Victims Blast Tinder Dating App's Safety Practices
"Yet again, women are not believed, and are diminished and devalued. Horrific stories of sexual assault and harassment."
Global Voices8 min lettiWorld
#AnswerUsElonMusk: Russia's Indigenous Peoples Campaign Against Arctic Pollution
An oil spill in May devastated large swathes of the tundra. Here's how indigenous rights activists joined forces to demand justice from the culprit — Russia's largest nickel producer.
Global Voices2 min lettiCrime & Violence
‘A Fearless Song': Guatemalan Women Protest Violence Against Women Through Music
Photo by the author María Jossé España. On October 10, hundreds of women peacefully took to the streets in several Guatemalan cities, equipped with musical instruments, handkerchiefs, posters, and masks to demonstrate their rejection of violence agai
Global Voices4 min lettiCrime & Violence
New Book Tells Stories Of Suffering And Resistance From Iran’s Female Prisons
In "White Torture," Narges Mohammadi interviews 12 female political prisoners—and shares her own experiences in an Iranian jail, where she spent eight and a half years.
Global Voices4 min lettiCrime & Violence
The Struggle To End Nigeria's Brutal SARS Police Unit continues
The question of control over SARS has not been adequately answered. The constitution vested control of the police to the presidency under the police chief. But that chain-of-command has broken.
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