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The Woman With the Pink Tennis Shoes Is Walking a Fine Line
Like other Democrats trying to flip Republican-held districts, Wendy Davis is trying to woo moderates without alienating progressives.
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How to Defend Against a Lame-Duck Trump
The polls are grim for President Donald Trump. His campaign faces a big and worsening money disadvantage. His closing arguments appeal only to the most hyper-partisan Republicans. Many have worried about the transition after a Trump electoral defeat.
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Dear Therapist: My Sister-in-Law Said the Most Painful Thing to Me, and I Can’t Let It Go
Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at Dear Therapist, I am originally from Germany. Two years ago, my daughter got
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Why People Who Hate Trump Stick With Him
Since 2018, I’ve conducted roughly 50 focus groups with Trump voters to understand the shifting dynamics within the Republican Party.
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Life Without Parole for Kids Is Cruelty With No Benefit
The United States is the only country that allows this practice, and soon the Supreme Court could get rid of it.
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25 of the Best Horror Films You Can Watch, Ranked by Scariness
Horror means something different to everyone. One of my most traumatic movie memories remains the execution of a cartoon shoe in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a comedy made for children. I’ve also yawned through many an R-rated slasher flick, untroubled
The Atlantic13 min lettiCrime & Violence
The Mess Congress Could Make
The Bush v. Gore fight has become the template of a disputed election, but many of the worst-case scenarios could end up before Congress, not the Court.
The Atlantic4 min lettiDiscrimination & Race Relations
When Movements Are Guilty of What They Are Trying to Challenge
In 2014, I was part of an activist organization that worked across various social issues—education equity, economic justice, labor rights, and environmental racism. We were hungry for a deeper structural understanding of relationships of power, and a
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The World Leaders Who Want Trump to Win
Here are the populist and nationalist leaders with the most to gain from a second Trump term.
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The Great British Baking Show and the Meaning of Life
In these fraught times, I like to seek refuge in the idyllic England of my dreams—one that still exists in The Great British Baking Show.
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Blursday Blues
The virus has created its own clock, and in coronatime, there is less demarcation between a day and a week, a weekday and a weekend, the morning and night, the present and the recent past. —Arielle Pardes, Wired If a week is a unit of listlessness,
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SNL Takes a Much-Needed Break From Politics
Issa Rae’s sunny demeanor enlivened last night’s episode and ushered in a handful of sketches that diverged from the show’s standard fare.
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Evangelicals Made a Bad Bargain With Trump
In public, Donald Trump has spoken in glowing terms about his evangelical supporters, calling them “warriors on the frontiers defending American freedom,” people who are “incredible” and “faithful,” a bulwark against assorted moral evils. But behind
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After Trump, the Republican Party May Become More Extreme
The numbers give Joe Biden ample reason for confidence about the election. Only 42 percent of voters, according to polling averages published by FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics, currently support the Republican incumbent’s reelection. When aske
The Atlantic6 min letti
New Orleans’s Football Stadium Reflects the State of the City
When I was young, the Superdome was full of joyful chaos. Then Katrina hit, and filled it with despair. Now the stands at Saints games are hauntingly empty.
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Jacinda Ardern’s Job Will Only Get Harder
The New Zealand prime minister offered the world a model for how to handle a global pandemic. But COVID-19 won’t inoculate her against the political challenge to come.
The Atlantic6 min letti
A Radically Different Way to Look at Incarceration
Time, a breathtaking documentary by Garrett Bradley, follows a young couple’s journey to keep their family together during a 20-year prison stay.
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What Democrats Don’t Understand About Latino Voters
For 30 years, political consultants have been predicting that in the next presidential election, a growing Latino electorate in the United States will finally awaken, sway the outcome, and usher in a new era of Latino political power. And for 30 year
The Atlantic6 min lettiLeadership
Extremists Don’t Belong in the Military
The factors that divide Americans today pose a greater threat to the country than any foreign adversary does.
The Atlantic3 min lettiAmerican Government
The Final Season of the Trump Show
In a nightmare alternate universe, Americans find hope by viewing films from a different dimension, where life unfolds as normal. That’s the plot of the Amazon science-fiction series The Man in the High Castle. It was also the experience many America
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The Atlantic Daily: QAnon Isn’t Going Away
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Last night, President Donald Trump was given th
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Aaron Sorkin’s New Film Is the Right Story for This Moment
Netflix’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a departure for the writer and director, who often indulges in misty-eyed idealism for American institutions.
The Atlantic5 min lettiAmerican Government
Listen: Is COVID-19 a Preexisting Condition?
Many Americans have relied on the Affordable Care Act during the pandemic, but an upcoming Supreme Court case may invalidate it. With worries about the ACA looming over Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings, staff writer James Hamblin and executi
The Atlantic9 min lettiAmerican Government
What George W. Bush Plans to Do About Trump
Anti-Trump Republicans say Bush’s absence from 2020 is inexcusable. Bush’s office says he’s staying retired.
The Atlantic8 min lettiMedical
Inside The Mind Of An Anti-vaxxer
The majority of Americans will need to take the coming COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s how to persuade those who won’t want to.
The Atlantic5 min lettiAmerican Government
Stephanie Wolkoff’s Revelations Are Exactly What the First Amendment Should Protect
Donald Trump wants us to hear him. And hear him. And hear him. This is a man who, as president of the United States, regularly calls into Fox News programs to launch into long and rambling monologues, who has sent as many as 200 tweets and retweets i
The Atlantic3 min letti
The Books Briefing: Can Democracy Survive Without Journalism?
Journalism faces existential challenges in a polarized society and the digital age: Your weekly guide to the best in books
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What Teacher Friends Talk About When Students Aren’t Listening
“I don’t know how I’m going to get through the day. I’m not in the place that I need to be, to be positive for the kids. Give me a boost; I need a laugh.”
The Atlantic4 min lettiAmerican Government
Trump Is Scared
People who have speculated that Trump’s COVID-19 treatment altered his judgment misunderstand the president.
The Atlantic5 min lettiCrime & Violence
The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Were a Failure
The multiday spectacle gave viewers little understanding of the most important issue the Court will rule on: how Americans vote and whether those votes matter.
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