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Trump’s War on Blue America
The president’s move to revoke California’s authority to set car-emission standards is part of a broader push to stymie the states that voted against him.
The Atlantic5 min lettiSociety
Unbelievable Is TV’s Most Humane Show
The Netflix series is a remarkable study of how sexual-assault investigations should be conducted, and how they shouldn’t.
The Atlantic13 min lettiPsychology
How to Keep Teachers From Leaving the Profession
After 38 years in education, Judith Harper thinks what teachers are missing is more time to learn from one another.
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I Was Never Taught Where Humans Came From
Here’s what I remember from biology class at my public high school in Texas: We learned everything there is to know about the Krebs cycle. We collected bugs in the heat and suffocated them in jars of nail-polish remover. We did not, to my recollectio
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The Quiet Disappearance of Birds in North America
Though the continent has lost 3 billion birds since 1970, those losses are hard to glean because it’s the commonest species that have been hit hardest.
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The Democratic Debates Aren’t Pleasing Anyone
The candidates hate them. The campaigns hate them. The press hates them. For once in American politics, there’s a consensus.
The Atlantic9 min letti
Famous for Looking Like Someone More Famous
Memes and moments come and go on TikTok, but its fascination with celebrity look-alikes is forever.
The Atlantic12 min lettiPolitics
Britain’s Most Polarizing Journalist
Carole Cadwalladr may be the most consequential journalist of her age. But is her activism undermining her reporting?
The Atlantic6 min lettiPolitics
The University of Texas’s Secret Strategy to Keep Out Black Students
Long-hidden documents show the school’s blueprint for slowing integration during the civil-rights era.
The Atlantic5 min lettiPsychology
No One Keeps Secrets Better Than Your Therapist
I recently called up Jean Stafford, an executive coach in Washington, D.C., to ask a simple question: Who is it safe to complain to? Complaining can have benefits, if not always psychologically, then at least for the levity of heart that comes from s
The Atlantic6 min lettiPolitics
When Adding New States Helped the Republicans
Putting new stars on the U.S. flag has always been political. But D.C. statehood is a modest partisan ploy compared with the mass admission of underpopulated western territories—which boosts the GOP even 130 years later.
The Atlantic7 min lettiPolitics
Imagine If Obama Had Done This
Republicans have tolerated plenty of foreign-policy moves by Trump that they would never have let his predecessor get away with. Will that continue with Iran?
The Atlantic5 min lettiPolitics
Donald Trump Knows How to End Homelessness
As a real-estate developer, he repeatedly argued that building adequate housing requires federal subsidies. As president, he’s forgotten that.
The Atlantic3 min lettiPolitics
The Atlantic Politics Daily: Just Keep Swimming
Some presidential candidates have decided, eh, this maybe isn’t going to work out. Others, despite zero to middling name recognition, are still at it—why?
The Atlantic6 min lettiPsychology
Why Some People Become Lifelong Readers
They can be identified by their independent-bookstore tote bags, their “Book Lover” mugs, or—most reliably—by the bound, printed stacks of paper they flip through on their lap. They are, for lack of a more specific term, readers. Joining their tribe
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The Question Posed by Trump’s Phone Call
A whistle-blower complaint raises the possibility that President Trump has betrayed the duties of his office.
The Atlantic8 min lettiPolitics
The End of Netanyahu’s Unchecked Reign
The results yielded no clear path to a governing coalition, but represented a rejection of two dangerous ideas.
The Atlantic3 min letti
Monos Is A Creepy And Dreamy Spin On Lord Of The Flies
Alejandro Landes’s new film examines the strange existence of an isolated crew of teen soldiers living on a mountaintop.
The Atlantic7 min lettiPolitics
Why Steve Bullock Refuses to Drop Out
Members of the Clinton diaspora are pleading with the Montana governor to stay in the race, even if the rest of the country doesn’t know who he is.
The Atlantic4 min letti
Remembering Robert Frank Through the Portraits Others Took of Him
One way to commemorate the late photographer, who pioneered the “snapshot aesthetic,” is to see him the way other artists did.
The Atlantic3 min lettiScience
Ad Astra Is a Starry Epic With an Intimately Human Message
James Gray’s new film, starring Brad Pitt, is a quiet, character-driven drama disguised as a grand adventure through the cosmos.
The Atlantic4 min letti
Algorithms Are People
The secret sauce of search engines gives tech companies an abundance of plausible deniability.
The Atlantic7 min lettiPolitics
Robert O’Brien Should Have to Face Senate Confirmation
Requiring congressional approval would be good for Trump, good for his choice for national security adviser, and good for the country.
The Atlantic3 min lettiPolitics
The Atlantic Politics Daily: Pet Issues
Political pets can be tied up in complicated ways with public perception of the politician. Plus: Meet the Bernie bros turned Liz lads.
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Finally, Facebook Put Someone in Charge
Deciding which postings to take down is a difficult and unpopular job. So Mark Zuckerberg is outsourcing it.
The Atlantic3 min lettiRelationships & Parenting
Back-to-School Night Is Hard for Single Parents
Susan Dynarski’s husband always took the lead at their kids’ school events, asking questions, getting updates, and advocating for their success. When Dynarski, whose job as a professor at the University of Michigan requires a lot of travel, wasn’t re
The Atlantic3 min letti
What Makes Mandy Moore’s Return to Music So Poignant
After alleging that her ex-husband, Ryan Adams, derailed her career, the singer released her first single in a decade to address the feeling of losing control.
The Atlantic5 min letti
The Problem With Sugar-Daddy Science
The pursuit of money from wealthy donors distorts the research process—and yields flashy projects that don’t help and don’t work.
The Atlantic4 min letti
How Ancient DNA Can Help Recast Colonial History
The people of pre-colonial Puerto Rico did not disappear entirely—a new study shows that the island’s residents still carry bits of their DNA.
The Atlantic4 min lettiScience
‘This Is Clearly Coming From Outside the Solar System’
The second known visitor to our cosmic neighborhood from another star is making quite an entrance.
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