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22 minuti
20 ott 2020
Episodio podcast


Transcript of the episode: Simonepols.com/podcast
Buongiorno a tutti ragazzi, benvenuti nel secondo episodio di questo podcast di italiano comprensibile!
In this second episode I am going to talk about me and about how I learned my foreign languages.   
Wondering which ones? Listen to the podcast to get to know about them (-:  
If you don't understand everything don't worry! Listen to the podcast again and again and you'll be impressed by how quickly you can improve your listening comprehension simply by doing that.  
If you want to hear the same story in multiple languages, you can find it on my YouTube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe (-:
Any question about the podcast or about language learning? 
Get in touch with me:
Email: pols.simone@gmail.com
Voicemail: anchor.fm/simonepols
Instagram: instagram.com/simonepols
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Un abbraccio, Simone


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20 ott 2020
Episodio podcast

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Learn Italian: easy and comprehensible Italian podcast. Achieve fluency by acquiring the language the natural way through comprehensible input in Italian. --- IT: Podcast in italiano comprensibile e facile per imparare l'italiano con input comprensibile in italiano. --- DE: Italienisch lernen mit Podcast auf leicht verständlichem Italienisch, um die Sprache mit interessantem Content zu lernen. Verständlicher Input Italienisch. -- FR: Podcast facile pour apprendre l'italien avec la méthode naturelle. -- ES: Podcast para aprender italiano fácil, sencillo y comprensible.