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Jan. 31, 2012 - Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show (Originally Broadcast Jan. 31, 2012 on Genesis Communications Network)

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Planned War, Austerity and Inflation - Merging of Capitalism and Communism - New Feudal System and Overlords -
US Healthcare Copying British NHS - CFR-RIIA and Members in Gov., Banks, Corporations and Media -
Elimination of the Middle Class - World Order - Communitarianism - Plans Worked out by Think Tanks in Detail -
Public in Disbelief - Children Indoctrinated for Life, Trained to Spy on Parents and Adults - Fear and Compliance -
Elimination of Meat, Promotion of Eating Bugs - Preparations Made for Coming Riots - Infiltration of Organizations -
Individuals Count - Constitutions Bypassed with International Treaties and Supra-National Bodies -
Rapid Depopulation Agenda - Teaching the Young.

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