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106 - It's Not Gay If The Balls Don't Touch: Sir Arcane

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106 - It's Not Gay If The Balls Don't Touch: Sir Arcane

Di Off the Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast

Lunghezza: 73 minuti


This week, Dick and max are joined by, Sir Arcane, host of A Hairy Prone Companion podcast, to discuss Puppy/Handler play, Anal Fisting, and Knitting!   I know I said I'd post the Dildo-Gun link, but it was a link to a private account, so sorry, but you can find some great ones via google though! Find them on Fetlife: @Sir_Arcane Support the show by paying for max's pain! Questions or comments for the show: 1 (631) 881 KINK Find us on fetlife: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @ocpkink Follow Dick Wound on Spotify: @ocpkink Check out our sister shows from PODCAST JUKEBOX: Will Sean Podcast? ProudToBeKinky Podcast Drinks with God & Being There Also check out our friend's shows: RISK! The Dildorks & This Is Actually Happening Opening and closing theme music: HOUND DOG RUN by This'll Kill Ya!
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