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Episode 68 Ironman Talk: What have you been up to?

Episode 68 Ironman Talk: What have you been up to?

A partire dalIMTalk

Episode 68 Ironman Talk: What have you been up to?

A partire dalIMTalk

65 minuti
Jul 15, 2007
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Episode 68 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
Results: world long course champs, Lake
Stevens 70.3.
Races coming up: IM Lake Placid,
Vineman 70.3.
Ironman Austia 2008 sold out in 19 hours!
Race Director for the 101 races.
Rhoysey wins half.

Ironman Talk competition!

We had a great pair of Oakley transition sunglasses that Rolland sent through for us to review. We decided that we would have a competition to give them away. So here’s what you need to do: Create an ad for Ironman Talk, around 30secs to a couple mins long, put it on and then link to it on Athlinks. We’ll pick three finalist and then we can all have a vote for the winner. Entries close at the end of August. It’s time to create!

Topic of the week

When I interviewed Macca in Roth he came up with the idea of having a metal system for Ironman races. So for example a 13 hour athlete would get a bronze, 11 hours silver and so on. Do you think this is a good idea? Give us your reasons if you do or don’t. Plus if you think it’s a good idea how should it work. Click here to add your comment.

Age grouper of the week

Alan Hanley sent through this weeks age grouper. Lee Jackson, who’s getting married in a few weeks, had a great race in Germany. He managed to do a time of 9:18. The reason he got age grouper was because his goal was to beat my time in Roth. He managed to do it by one minute. Well done Lee, you are our age grouper of the week!

Website of the week

Here’s a site that Matthew sent through:
have you guys ever been over to It's a site devoted to high-end cycling etc. but a lot of time you can get a lot of good information about equipment and some of the latest and greatest tech that has not been released. what i also like about it is that a lot of the contributors are from outside the us and have a real passion for the sport of cycling.

James Flynn sent us through the first club website: HEAT--
Hartford Extended Area Triathletes it's a good club, we have at least one Kona qualifier so far.

High 5

David Liversidge gave us this weeks high 5 on how to improve your swimming. Thanks for that David.
1) If you are not a good swimmer - get a coach or at least someone to look at your stroke.
2) Distance per stroke - By this I mean MAXIMIZE your stroke.
3) Work on drills every session.
4) Swim with your hips.
5) Don't cross the center line.
6) Don't kick to much.

Questions and Answers

We have questions and answers again this week. The main one we cover is what to do when you have a pack that just sits on your tail and you can’t drop them.

This weeks websites

World long course champs, Lake Stevens 70.3, IM Lake Placid, Vineman 70.3, Austria sell out, Triathlon 101 race director, Rhoysey wins, website of the week:,, female Germany finish,,

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
Jul 15, 2007
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