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Murder Of Diane Kyne - 316

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August 15, 2010. Seminole, Florida. Bill Kyne and his stepson, Kevin, both called 911 to claim that the other had murdered Diane Kyne. The wife and mother would later be found in bed having been strangled to death. Investigators found that both men may have had a motive to kill. Kevin Kyne had been having trouble at home as his parents were fed up with his lack of concern for his own future as well as disobeying their rules. Leading up to the murder he had even been more combative and difficult to deal with. Bill Kyne stood to gain financially from Diane's death due to her life insurance. With forensic testing pointing to both Bill and Kevin, who clearly disliked one another, how could the case be solved? Join us as we discuss a murder mystery with only two suspects and many questions.

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