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Man strangles missing mom w/ bare hands? Woman forced to eat dead mom's ashes? Cops: Missing mom choked to death by ex. Man kills wife, blows up home as cover-up?

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Cassandra Robinson has been missing since February, last seen at her daughter's first birthday party. Now, her body has been found in a cargo trailer, and her boyfriend, Henry Steiger is accused of murdering her. When investigators asked Steiger about the missing woman's whereabouts, he said she had gone on a "well-deserved vacation" and might be in Bermuda, but police did not buy his story and found her body decomposing in a green steel drum within the trailer. Five people have now been arrested for allegedly abusing a woman with autism. Investigators say these five family members were beating the woman, sexually abusing her, and forcing her to eat her mother's cremated remains. The indictment filed last week contains graphic details of the alleged abuse, which began when the woman moved into a mobile home with the accused individuals after the death of her mother. The boyfriend of Bellamy Gamboa, who has been missing since the beginning of July, has now been charged with second-degree murder in connection with her disappearance. He allegedly told investigators that after a disagreement, he pushed Gamboa down a flight of stairs and choked her. Her remains have still not been recovered and there now may be evidence that Gamboa was afraid of her boyfriend when she called 911 in 2017 saying that she was worried he might kill her or harm their twins. Steven Pirus has now been sentenced to life behind bars after he pleaded guilty to first-degree homicide in the death of his wife. Investigators say Pirus blew up his home to cover up evidence of the shooting death of his wife that occurred months earlier. via Knit

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