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Vol 319 - NYMF 2009 pt. 2: In this episode: Tod Kimbro (Book/Music/Lyri…

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In this episode: Tod Kimbro (Book/Music/Lyrics) and Julia Granacki discuss a distopian future filled with Rock and Roll in MY ILLUSTRIOUS WASTELAND Mark Robertson (Book/Music/Lyrics) and Jim Newman (Actor) discuss musicalizing an old Irish folk tale into the new musical, MARRING MEG Will Reynolds (Composer/Conceptualizer) discusses cut and pasting the Bard into a new musical, THE GREENWOOD TREE, which is playing as a concert reading. Ryan J. Davis (Director/Co-Producer) and Joe Drymala (Author/Composer) take "Save the Music" to the stage with STREET LIGHTS, focusing on High School Students studying the arts. Elizabeth Lucas (Director) and Mark Wiser (Writer) discuss bringing their modern vampire musical, THE CURE, from Stage to Film and back again.

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