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How Nick Cheadle Uses Social Media to Build a Thriving Fitness Business: If you want to learn how you can use social media to gain recognition and grow your business, then you want to listen to this interview.

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Social Media Strategies That Help Build Your Brand with Nick Cheadle In this episode I interview Nick Cheadle who's a fitness influencer and entrepreneur who has built a huge following on Instagram, I think it's like 600,000 people now , and then leveraged it to build a thriving coaching and education business. I wanted to do this interview because I'm often asked about how to use social media better, how to get more out of it, how to make more money from it, how to build a bigger following, and so forth, and honestly, I don't have great answers - at least I didn't, I have some better answers now, thanks to the interview. But I didn't because I'm notoriously bad at social media. Honestly it's just a matter of time, I put a lot of time into other things that help build my businesses and following, but not very much time in social media. Nick, on the other hand, is very good at it, he puts a lot of time in social media, so I wanted to pick his brain on a whole host of things like: how he proves to people that he's worth following, how he has gone about crafting his personal brand, his personal message, how he sells things without being annoying, what types of pictures tend to do best, and how he creates them, how he drives engagement and why that's so important, and much much more. So if you're interested in learning in how to get more recognition in business through social media and through Instagram in particular, then you should definitely check out the interview, I think you're going to find it helpful. So with that, here it is. 5:31 - Take us through the timeline from when you started to now. Any key lessons? 13:26 - Why do people follow you? 18:06 - What is your message/brand? 22:27 - How do you avoid feeling too "sales-y," or like someone pushing his material on others? 33:33 - How much work goes on behind the scenes? 34:52 - Do you have any web apps that you use? 37:57 - Would you plan out your Instagram posts, or is it off the cuff? 43:59 - What camera do you use? 48:15 - Which photos of yours generate the most engagement? 56:53 - What are some tactical things that have helped you grow your following? 01:01:22 - Why is it important to get engagement? 01:08:48 - Where can people find your work? Want to get my best advice on how to gain muscle and strength and lose fat faster? Sign up for my free newsletter! Click here:

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