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Clean Your Skin from Within with Trevor Cates: Looking for the root cause of your skin issues

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After launching her book, Clean Skin from Within, Dr. Trevor Cates reveals the secrets for healthy, great-looking skin. Your diet greatly influences your skin, as well as the products you wear daily. Listen to this podcast to find out what’s really hiding in the skin products you use, plus learn your skin type and root causes of the issues you see reflected in the mirror every day.   Key Takeaways: [:46] Trevor Cates’ career brief [3:11] The skin is our magic mirror. [4:21] How is your diet related to your skin health? [5:03] What is going on inside the body that is triggering the symptoms in your skin? [5:36] Looking for the root cause of skin issues [6:35] Asthma or autoimmune disease could be behind your skin condition. [7:41] What should we be looking for in our skin? [8:05] Look for signs that your body is showing you. [9:13] Which are the key foods to stay away from? [10:02] If it is hurting your skin, it is hurting your health. [10:20] Why is sugar not good for our health? [12:40] Dairy products are correlated to many skin issues. [13:16] “Clean skin from within” [13:51] What are the products that you should never wear on your skin? [14:48] Fragrance hides a lot of ingredients that are not good for you. [15:36] Natural essential oils are a better alternative to fragrances. [16:03] What are the best ingredients to use in your skin care? [17:54] What is the one thing Dr. Cates does every day that makes the biggest difference in her life? [19:49] Skin Quiz to know your root causes [20:19] How do you find out your skin type? [21:13] [21:25] What are the best foods to eat? [22:37] Are you digesting protein well? Are you taking the rights digestive enzymes? [23:11] Jjvirgin/products [23:24] Jjvirgin official at Facebook [23:38] Listeners’ questions: how does dairy affect your health? [25:58] Stop eating dairy, and see the impact it has on your skin.   Mentioned in This Episode: Jjvirgin/products Jjvirgin official at Facebook

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