Our Favorite Health & Fitness Apps Of May 2019 - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #077: The best apps for outdoors workouts & nutrition tracking to get in shape for summer

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Our Favorite Health & Fitness Apps Of May 2019 - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #077: The best apps for outdoors workouts & nutrition tracking to get in shape for summer

Da 20 Minute Fitness

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Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast's 'How Technology Can Help' mini series we have a special episode for you. We introduce our favorite health & fitness apps of May 2019 that will help you make the most out this month.In each of our 'favorite health & fitness apps' episodes, we'll try to focus on factors that might be unique to that given month. Hence this week, Charlie puts the emphasis on two things. Firstly, the possibility to train outdoors due to the warmer weather. And secondly, the usual dieting "sprints" before the summer arrives. Tune in and learn all about our favorite health & fitness apps for outdoors workouts and those that will keep your nutritions in check!What You Will Learn1) The Apps That Will Let You Cancel Your Gym MembershipAs the weather gets warmer, we can basically say that it's a "sin" to exercise indoors. There's literally nothing better than getting your body moving while inhaling some fresh air. And we've got the perfect guidance for you. Our favorite app of May 2019 is Freeletics. Freeletics is a workout app that uses purely bodyweight exercises, making it perfect for outdoors training. Besides having a 'no equipment' focus, Freeletics also puts a great emphasis on personalization. After filling out a questionnaire, the app will create a personalized trainer journey and assign you a digital coach. Reaching your personal fitness goals is guaranteed this way. The second app is more for those who have a clear vision in mind about the exercises they want to do. Bit Timer is "the world's simplest interval timer" that aims to get you doing some sweaty interval trainings. Bit Timer has a specific format of "work - rest - repeat" which can be tailored to your needs. So if you know your exercises and only need some guidance for timing, Bit Timer is the app for you. Our final app in this category is the Ladder, which is perfect for those who need some extra help. The Ladder works pretty much on the same principles as Freeletics, except that this app will pair you with an actual human personal trainer. Pretty much like a social media platform that makes personal training more accessible and convenient to all. Listen to this week's episode to learn about the ins and outs of all three apps and find out which one's the best for you!2) The Ultimate Help That Will Keep You On Your DietAnother quite common activity that we like to engage in before summer is dieting. As we all know the 70-30% rule, what you eat is actually more important for getting in a good shape than how much you exercise. So here're a couple of apps that you can download for some help.Foodility is a nutrition tracking app that finally focuses on simplicity rather than overcomplicating your logging process. This app is the definition of minimalism, as its main feature is a simple calendar where you can add your food intake by selecting a date. Use Foodility to keep track of what you eat, your workouts, your water intake and other useful data in the simplest possible way!Finally 'HowUdish', an app that helps those who like to eat out to stay on track with their diet. HowUdish uses Geolocation data to suggest healthy dining options nearby that match your diet. After setting up your profile, the app will know all your dietary restrictions and also your goals that will help to find personalized healthy food options specifically for you. Press play to hear how you can best use Foodility and what special features you may discover if you download HowUdish!
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