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Thoughtful Topics across the Past, Present, and Future: Delve into three topics that span time: personal privacy vs. protection, the science behind energy, and why Ancient Greek is a language that remains relevant.

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Probe three powerful topics ranging from an ancient language to questions and concerns we ponder now, and will continue to think about in this time-traveling edition of The Torch. Join Ed Leon of the Great Courses along with three notable professors as they first examine the legalities of a question that has been debated for centuries and is even more relevant today: Should you sacrifice your privacy in exchange for your security? Then look at the past, present, and future of how, where, and why we use energy to power our lives. Lastly, spend some time learning why Ancient Greek is just as vital in the modern world if you truly want to understand great works of literature and philosophy. All of this, and more, in this exciting new edition of The Torch.

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