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How to Sell $300k Of Your Physical Product with Trisha Roy from Barn and Willow: Trisha Roy of Barn and Willow joins Nathan Latka who brings you top entrepreneurs daily inspired by, Art of Charm, Pat Flynn, John Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire, Chalene Johnson, Lewis Howes, School of Greatness, HBR Podcast, the StartUp podcast, Mixergy, A

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Ep 123 Trisha Roy of Barn and Willow is a product manager turned entrepreneur. She is a design enthusiast and believes technology will continue solving problems! Traveled across almost all continents (except for Antarctica).
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3 Key Points:

Quality, make sure quality is obvious to customers.
Social media is a unparallel marketing tool
Manage marketing resources and  know exactly what you are spending on them

Episode Notes: 

01:15  – Nathan’s introduction to today’s Show with Trisha Roy
01:34 – Barn and Willow
02:00 – Founded December 2014
02:14 – How do you make money?
02:30 – Online store
02:50 – Vertically integrated brand
03:30– Who gets the money?
04:00 – 85% product mark up
04:28– What are your costs?
05:04– Funding
05:31 – Cash flow positive
05:58 – Story of the name
06:44– Total transaction volume
07:06 – $20,000- $25,000 revenue per month
08:55 – How to grow transaction volume
09:19 – Customer acquisition channels
10:08 – About $70 to acquire one customer
10:50—Business deals
11:30—One big influencer per month
11:50—Offline deals
13:39 – The Famous Five

Resources Mentioned:

Barn and Willow —Trisha’s new online venture that is making $20-$25k per month.
Growth Geeks – The way Nathan hires growth hackers on a per project basis for things like info graphics, blog posts, and other growth projects without hiring full time employees.
Poorly Made In China—By Paul Midler

Famous 5

Favorite Book?— Poorly Made In China by Paul Midler
What CEO do you follow?— Steve Jobs
What is your favorite online tool?— Whats App and Google Keep
Do you get 8 hours of sleep?—Sometimes yes, sometimes no
If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?—Be open to take more risks. Never negotiate with yourself and always ask.

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