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Teachers Sofia Diaz and Trudy Goodman continue this episode of Geeks of the Round Table with host Kelly Sosan Bearer by exploring the Feminine aspect of spiritual practice from a female teacher’s point of view. The women begin by discussing qualitative differences in teaching approaches between female and male teachers, and Trudy talks about the more intimate approach she uses when teaching. Using Mother Teresa as an example of a female spiritual leader who supported many but found difficulty in finding support herself, the women discuss how the sometimes difficult role of female spiritual leader has grown and evolved. Moving on to how neglecting topics of sexuality, sexual attraction, and gender differences in spiritual practice can cause suffering for both men and women, they conclude the conversation with advice to younger generations: trust your feelings, trust your intuition, and lovingly explore the differences between yourself and others.
This is part two of a two part series. Listen to part one Perfect Insight is Perfect Love.
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