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The Art History Babes

The Art History Babes

The Art History Babes

156 episodi podcast


Four friends that really dig art and talking about it. *Regular episodes: Discussion and critical analysis of art historical topics often fueled by alcohol. *Art History Babe Briefs (Art History BBs) : quick art history facts minus the expletives. *Hot Takes: The Babes mix it up, chatting about topics outside the realm of art history

Episodi1 - 10 di 156 episodi


Writing Anti-racist Histories with Blair Imani

Nat and Corrie speak with amazing historian, author, and activist, Blair Imani. Topics ...

65 minuti
Aug 21, 2020

Decolonize the Art World with Yaa Addae

A powerful, wonderful, full moon-charged conversation with writer, artist, curator, and...

66 minuti
Aug 04, 2020

Historic Hospitals with Isabelle Kent, part 2

Part 2! Nat speaks again with London-based art historian Isabelle Kent, this time about...

96 minuti
May 06, 2020

Historic Hospitals with Isabelle Kent Part 1

Nat speaks with London-based art historian Isabelle Kent in this two-part episode. In p...

79 minuti
Apr 22, 2020

Art History BB: Käthe Kollwitz

Käthe Kollwitz was a well-known, German modern artist for creating prints that celebrat...

30 minuti
Apr 15, 2020

Art History BB: Stonehenge: Monumental Megalithic Mystery

Corrie and Nat discuss the famously mysterious, Stonehenge. This Prehistoric structure ...

32 minuti
Apr 06, 2020

Hot Takes: What We Do in the Shadows

Vampires, dry absurdist humor, art historical references - it’s no wonder that the art ...

69 minuti
Mar 27, 2020

Art History BB: Bayeux Tapestry

Corrie and Nat discuss the Bayeux Tapestry which, spoiler alert: is not even really a t...

33 minuti
Feb 29, 2020

Art History BB: Mariko Mori's Pure Land

The first new Art History Babe Brief of 2020 focuses on the work of Mariko Mori, includ...

25 minuti
Feb 15, 2020

David Donald Sutherland

In this episode, Natalie talks with LA-based artist David Donald Sutherland. Topics inc...

56 minuti
Jan 29, 2020