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Smart Prepper Gear Podcast: Prepping, Survival, and Gear

Smart Prepper Gear Podcast: Prepping, Survival, and Gear

Smart Prepper Gear Podcast: Prepping, Survival, and Gear

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The Smart Prepper Gear Podcast is a prepper podcast about helping people prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later. Whether if it's a SHTF or post collapse scenario we will talk about bugging out, bugging in, self defense, going off-grid and much more.

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030 4 Things You Should Do After Getting a CCW

Many people get excited about getting their first CCW (conceal carry weapon) believing ...

25 minuti
Sep 10, 2018

029 7 Top Dangers You Will Face Bugging Out

A lot of people have a misunderstanding of what bugging truly is.  As a result of that,...

32 minuti
Jul 24, 2018

028: Rural vs Urban Prepping

In this episode, we are going to stir the pot.  Rural vs Urban prepping has always been...

32 minuti
Jun 04, 2018

027: 4 Important Things That Will Not Work After an EMP

An EMP attack is one of the most talked about SHTF scenarios.  Rightfully so, it could ...

23 minuti
Apr 25, 2018

026 7 Important Areas of Your Home Preparedness System

Contrary to popular belief, your bug out plan should not take precedence over your home...

29 minuti
Apr 17, 2018

025 3 Prepper Food Levels That Increase Survivability

Surviving 25 to 30 years off of stored survival food is just not realistic for a lot of...

21 minuti
Mar 22, 2018

024 Parkland High School Shooting and Who is to Blame

Once again we have witnessed another horrific mass shooting in South Florida in the pas...

24 minuti
Feb 28, 2018

023 What Threats Preppers Should Prepare for in 2018

Happy new year!  It is now 2018!  It's a new year, new you right? Yes, it is a new year...

28 minuti
Jan 04, 2018

022 First Things Preppers Should Do in 2018

The new year is fast approaching.  The end of the year is typically a time that we spen...

13 minuti
Dec 15, 2017

SPG 021: What Preppers Should Know About the NRA & Bumpstocks

Since the tragic terrorist attack in Las Vegas there has been a lot of conversations ab...

32 minuti
Nov 09, 2017