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Modern Self Protection Podcast

Modern Self Protection Podcast

Modern Self Protection Podcast

92 episodi podcast


The Podcast for everyday people to learn how to defend themselves.

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The Best Skill to Practice for Self Defense: Situational Awareness Podcast 323

Situational Awareness is the one thing that was drilled into me in Law Enforcement and ...

31 minuti
Jun 16, 2021

Mind Set: The Ultimate Self Defense Skill - Podcast 322

A gun and knife are only tools, your mind is the weapon, train it well. That has been ...

25 minuti
May 18, 2021

A Dot and a Miss: Sig P365XL and Romeo 0 Review Podcast 321

Last week I shot competition with a Sig P365XL and Romeo 0 Dot. I shoot this competitio...

36 minuti
May 01, 2021

New Gun Shiny Syndrome; Podcast 320

Are you always looking for the "new gun?" Do you fall into the shiny new syndrome? Do...

26 minuti
Mar 07, 2021

Do Glocks Have a Safety? Should They? Podcast 319

Modern Self Protection Podcast, a self-defense podcast for normal people. Click the Ima...

48 minuti
Feb 14, 2021

What You Can Start Doing Now: Podcast 318

"Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on." - Nic...

34 minuti
Jan 10, 2021

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst Podcast 317

How is your hope for the future? What is your plan for the future? Without hope, we wo...

35 minuti
Jan 04, 2021

Top 4 Self Defense Techniques Podcast 316

Click to Subscribe Subscribe The top 4 self-defense techniques aren't some aw...

40 minuti
Dec 20, 2020

Christmas Travel Safety Tips Podcast 315

Click to Subscribe Subscribe   Christmas is here! Thank God 2020 is almost o...

50 minuti
Dec 13, 2020

Podcast 314b Carrying a Firearm in the Cold

Yesterday somehow I only uploaded part of the podcast... here is the second half of the...

13 minuti
Dec 07, 2020