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This Anthro Life

This Anthro Life

This Anthro Life

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Life is complicated, but we love simple answers. AI and robotics are changing the nature of work. Emojis change the way we write. Fossil Fuels were once the engine of progress, now we're in a race to change how we power the planet. We're constantly trying to save ourselves...from ourselves. This Anthro Life brings you smart conversations with humanity’s top makers and minds to make sense of it all. We dig into truth and hope in our creative potential through design, culture, and technology. Change your perspective. Crafted + Hosted by Dr. Adam Gamwell. From Missing Link Studios in Boston, MA. Support this podcast:

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From Art School to Industry: Passion, Ethics, and Business Impact with Phil Surles

Phil Surles is a cultural anthropologist and consultant who focuses on branding. He wor...

44 minuti
Jun 16, 2021

So tell me about yourself: Storytelling and the Science of Love with Helen Fisher

If Dr. Hellen Fisher isn’t a household name in your house (yet), her work certainly is....

48 minuti
Jun 04, 2021

Dead People Tell Tales: Segregated Cemeteries in Richmond Virginia w Dr. Ryan Smith

TAL Correspondent Sara Schmieder brings us an all new interview about the power of ceme...

49 minuti
May 14, 2021

The surprising truths wild horses teach us about the power of ritual, social durability, and surviving the Anthropocene with John Hartigan Jr.

In today’s episode Adam Gamwell and Astrid Countee are joined by multispecies anthropol...

53 minuti
May 05, 2021

The Ghost in the Machine is Not Who You Think: Human Labor and the Paradox of Automation with Mary L Gray

BOOK GIVEAWAY!! Leave a Review of This Anthro Life for a chance to win a copy of Ghost ...

59 minuti
Apr 08, 2021

Becoming a Business Anthropologist and Mastering the Tools of the Trade w/ Oscar Barrera

Oscar Barrera is a Business Anthropologist based out of Veracruz, Mexico who brings a g...

52 minuti
Mar 05, 2021

They're not Binging TV, they're Feasting: Rethinking Media, Honor and American Culture with Grant McCracken

Take a walk with anthropologist and consultant Grant McCracken and host Adam Gamwell, a...

43 minuti
Feb 04, 2021

How to Manage Social Conflict, Communicate Effectively and Find Common Ground with Jeremy Pollack

In January 2021 armed rioters stormed the US Capitol in a harrowing and politically fom...

57 minuti
Jan 19, 2021

The Hidden World of Sh*t (a farewell to 2020)

Language warning. We use the word sh*t a lot in this episode, since it is, in fact all ...

28 minuti
Jan 01, 2021

More than a Game: Sports, Race, and Masculinity in Diaspora w/ Vyjayanthi Vadrevu and Stanley Thangaraj

In this episode we meet Dr. Stan Thangaraj, an anthropology professor at the City Colle...

37 minuti
Nov 26, 2020