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The What Cast

The What Cast

The What Cast

394 episodi podcast


An independent little podcast where we discuss bizarre, strange and supernatural stories, old and new. Cryptozoology, OOPARTS, UFOs and more. WE SAY BAD WORDS

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The What Cast #365 - The Superstition Mountains With Molly of The Vile Files Podcast

This week we are all packing up our covered wagons and headed to Arizona where we will ...

51 minuti
Jun 17, 2021

The What Cast #364 - Atlantis Found?

Ladies and gentlemen. It's that time again. Time to visit Atlantis once again. So don y...

46 minuti
Jun 09, 2021

The What Cast #363 - Random Weirdness 3

Its that time again! Time to dig in our old bag of weirdness. This time, we got some ol...

53 minuti
Jun 03, 2021

The What Cast #362 - Strangest Ghosts: Sam The Sandown Ghost Clown & The Hammersmith Ghost

Everyone loves a good phantom menace, roaming the streets of Victorian London.  We’re a...

48 minuti
May 20, 2021

The What Cast #361 - Sasquatch: Tipple Murderer

In the past, we have covered a couple cases where a bigfoot or a group of Bigfoots (Big...

54 minuti
May 13, 2021

The What Cast #360 - Elephant Humanoids and A UFO Update

Alright, I’m just gonna come right out and say it:  Forget all the (Insert animal name ...

47 minuti
May 06, 2021

The What Cast #359 - The UFO Question: NO MORE!

For decades, researchers have been seeking proof that the UFO phenomenon was real. ...

52 minuti
Apr 21, 2021

The What Cast #358 - Phantom Beasts

Hey there, Fancy Pants.   It's been a while since we did anything with weird animals on...

44 minuti
Apr 15, 2021

The What Cast #357 - Invisible Attackers

Last time on the What Cast…   The show came full circle and Mike declared that the show...

38 minuti
Apr 07, 2021

The What Cast #356 - The Khamar Daban Incident

This is it you guys. We have come full circle. We started with the show with strange de...

47 minuti
Mar 18, 2021