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CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy

CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy

CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy

133 episodi podcast


Interviews with leaders, elders and teachers from the yoga and wider wisdom community on eastern philosophies, consciousness studies, social justice, and the human spiritual condition.

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Shreena Gandhi on White Supremacy (#134)

Shreena Gandhi is a part of the Religious Studies Department at Michigan State Universi...

47 minuti
Jun 08, 2021

Isa Gucciardi on Birth & Initiations (#133)

In the mid-nineties, Isa Gucciardi began developing Depth Hypnosis as she entered into ...

65 minuti
May 25, 2021

Richard Katz on Indigenous Psychology and Allyship (#132)

After receiving his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Harvard, Richard Katz began a jou...

74 minuti
May 11, 2021

Françoise Bourzat on Consciousness Medicine (#131)

Françoise Bourzat has been bridging the divide between western psychology and indigenou...

68 minuti
Apr 20, 2021

Prentis Hemphill on Healing Justice & Queer Spiritual Purpose (#130)

Prentis Hemphill is a movement facilitator, Somatics teacher, and practitioner, and wor...

63 minuti
Apr 06, 2021

Vineet Chander on Hindu Chaplaincy (#129)

In this episode we discuss: The roots of pastoral care and chaplaincy  Incorporating th...

67 minuti
Mar 09, 2021

Zhenevere Sophia Dao on Sexuality and the Transgender Necessity (#128)

In this episode we discuss: Post-Daoism as a philosophy reinterpreting depth psychology...

79 minuti
Feb 23, 2021

Tracee Stanley on Yoga Nidra (#127)

In this episode we discuss: 1. The philosophy of yoga nidra, the goddess of yoga nidra ...

57 minuti
Feb 09, 2021

Tias Little On Practice as the Path (#126)

In this episode, we discuss: How yoga communities and the industry have changed during ...

63 minuti
Jan 12, 2021

Shailla Vaidya on Yoga for Stress & Burnout (#125)

In this episode, we discuss: Growing up Indian in a majority white culture, shame and t...

60 minuti
Dec 30, 2020