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The Flourishing Experiment

The Flourishing Experiment

The Flourishing Experiment

337 episodi podcast


What does it mean to flourish? Join Resilience Trainer and Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach Kari Gormley as she interviews scientists, experts, coaches and authors on how to live a flourishing life.
You'll hear the latest research and recommendations for growing and strengthening your relationships, identifying your passions and priorities, and living healthier, happier life.
The Flourishing Experiment podcast starts where The Running Lifestyle Show crossed the finish line and is a great listen for avid runners, casual athletes, or anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. Listen along to learn how you can go from functioning to flourishing!

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337: Part 1 of 7: Favorite Books to Help You Lead a Flourishing Life

Books are such a beautiful avenue for feeling, doing and being even better versions of ...

36 minuti
Jun 10, 2021

336: What We Can Learn From Plants

The heliotropic effect shows that plants grow when they are near sunlight, and the same...

15 minuti
Jun 03, 2021

335: Empowering Tools to Use for Anxiety

Kelly Miller, CAPP, author of the book “Jane’s Worry Elephant: A Self-Help Guide for Ki...

51 minuti
May 27, 2021

334: Using Music and Vibrations To Come Back Home

Robert Kuang, an intuitive life coach and child prodigy musician shares how the sound o...

51 minuti
May 20, 2021

333: How to Handle Your Triggers

With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy to feel triggered or even violated....

22 minuti
May 13, 2021

332: What Do You GET To Do?

Words create worlds and today I’m sharing how word choice can really make a difference ...

22 minuti
May 06, 2021

331: Give Yourself a Big Hug

Serena Marie, RD, is back to share what people aren’t talking about when it comes to in...

60 minuti
Apr 29, 2021

330: How and Why to 'Think Again'

In this week’s episode, we explore Adam Grant’s book, “Think Again: The Power of Knowin...

15 minuti
Apr 08, 2021

329: You Are Not Your Emotions

It doesn’t feel good to feel sad, depressed, annoyed, or frustrated. But one of the wor...

18 minuti
Apr 01, 2021

328: Benefits of Mindful Breathing

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes is back to discuss some simple breathing techniques that can make ...

47 minuti
Mar 25, 2021