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Endurance Planet

Endurance Planet

Endurance Planet

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ATC 328: The One Where Lucho Returns To Ironman Racing

  On this special edition of Ask the Coaches we hear all about Lucho’s decision to sign...

55 minuti
Jun 04, 2021

HPN 27: Coming Off The Pill and Supporting Your Natural Cycle (For Athletes), The Best Time To Eat Iron-Rich Foods With What To Avoid For Better Absorption

Welcome to episode 27 of Holistic Performance Nutrition (HPN) featuring Tawnee Gibson, ...

87 minuti
May 21, 2021

ATC 327: Understanding Hypertrophy for Endurance Athletes (Why Gains Are Difficult But Not Impossible), Plus: Marathon PR Plan, and More

    Kev asks: Marathon PR – aiming to get to that next level Hi team! 1st off thanks ag...

72 minuti
May 07, 2021

Katie Zaferes: How To Fuel A Female Triathlete, According To A World Champion

On this special episode, host Tawnee Gibson recently had the opportunity to catch up wi...

38 minuti
Apr 23, 2021

ATC 326: Running 14ers – Training, Nutrition and Altitude Advice, Uphill Racing Tactics, And Resuming Swimming Post-Shutdowns

On this episode: Peter asks: Advice for running the 14ers: Hey guys, Love the podcast!!...

68 minuti
Apr 09, 2021

HPN 26: Julie Goes Carnivore, Real Talk On Within-Day Energy Deficits, Plus a New Study Shows Avocados Favorably Alter Gut Microbiota

  Welcome to episode 26 of Holistic Performance Nutrition (HPN) featuring Tawnee Gibson...

78 minuti
Mar 26, 2021

ATC 325: Zwift Racing Tactics, Indoor vs Outdoor Power Differences, and Crosstraining and Fueling for Ultrarunning

On this episode: Ryan & Steph ask: Combining short-duration critical power with Ironman...

79 minuti
Mar 12, 2021

6 Empowering Mantras and Lessons For 2021: Featuring Megan Flanagan of Strong Runner Chicks

Megan Flanagan of Strong Runner Chicks joins host Tawnee Gibson for a special collabora...

76 minuti
Mar 05, 2021

HPN 25: Spring Seasonal Eating Guide, Plus In Depth on The Science of Cravings and Creative Ways to Alleviate Stress

Welcome to episode 25 of Holistic Performance Nutrition (HPN) featuring Tawnee Gibson, ...

92 minuti
Feb 26, 2021

ATC 324: Recovery Intervals – How Much Rest Do You Need? And More on The Science and Art of Rest Sets and Avoiding Common Mistakes

On this episode: Matt asks: Recovery intervals – what difference do they make in perfor...

62 minuti
Feb 12, 2021