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Humanize Me

Humanize Me

Humanize Me

160 episodi podcast


A weekly podcast about building great relationships, cultivating wonder, and making things better for other people. Hosted by veteran community-builder Bart Campolo, the show features friendly, thoughtful conversations with a wide array of scientists, activists, artists and oddballs. Humanize Me is a production of Jux Media.

Episodi1 - 10 di 160 episodi


611: Israel and Palestine, with Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton

Before recent events in Israel and Palestine, Bart Campolo had this conversation with S...

109 minuti
Jun 01, 2021

610: Do you believe in miracles?

Bart and John discuss the a question from a listener called Paolo about believing in mi...

49 minuti
May 22, 2021

609: Lost Connections, with Johann Hari

Johann Hari is an international best-selling author, journalist and thinker who has wri...

109 minuti
May 01, 2021

608: Transgender listener calls us out... the nicest possible way. On a recent episode, Bart Campolo casually referred to a...

34 minuti
Apr 15, 2021

607: Political Junkies, with Claire Potter

How do we recapture political nuance, thoughtfulness and open-mindedness at a time when...

83 minuti
Apr 09, 2021

606: Secular communities survey, with Joe Blankholm

Bart talks to Joe Blankholm, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara...

58 minuti
Mar 19, 2021

605: Connection after deconstruction

From a listener:"I left my faith about 14 years ago. It has been a lonely experience, e...

56 minuti
Mar 03, 2021

604: Constructive disagreements, with David C. Smalley

How can we learn to have our disagreements across ideological divides more constructive...

70 minuti
Feb 17, 2021

603: Thoughts on the Inauguration

Bart and John share thoughts about the Inauguration of President Biden, the emotions it...

41 minuti
Jan 22, 2021

602: Coping with insecurity, with songwriter Ali Tamposi

What does it take to cope in a high-pressure, competitive environment... without fallin...

51 minuti
Jan 14, 2021