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Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom

284 episodi podcast


There's a rumor going around that classical music is hoity toity. At Classical Classroom, we beg to differ. Come learn with classical music newbie Dacia Clay and the music experts she invites into the Classical Classroom.

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Classical Classroom, Episode 219: Arranged and Deranged with Joe Burgstaller

Joe Burgstaller may seem like a perfectly normal guy who just happens to have been play...

48 minuti
May 14, 2021

Classical Classroom, Episode 218: Peter Dugan on the Magic of Collaboration

When pianist Peter Dugan performed on NPR's From the Top at the age of 18, he had no id...

57 minuti
Feb 12, 2021

Classical Classroom, Episode 217: A Brassy, Classy, Yuletide Concert

Ginger Turner is--excuse us--a brassy broad. She was in the Army and the US Army's Fiel...

43 minuti
Dec 25, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 216: Merry Melodica Men-mas!

We hope that yule enjoy this holiday-ish show with Tristan Clarke, one half of YouTube ...

40 minuti
Dec 22, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 215: Très Bien! Stéphane Denève Teaches the History of French Music

Conductor and music director Stéphane Denève is a busy guy. He's got at least four jobs...

71 minuti
Oct 16, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 214: The Harp Will Go On with Yolanda Kondonassis

When it comes to the harp, Yolanda Kondonassis is kind of a big deal. She’s literally w...

45 minuti
Aug 19, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 213: Orli Shaham Talks Piano (Man)

The piano. A seemingly normal instrument. But where did it come from, and how did it ge...

34 minuti
Jul 09, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 212: All Together Now with Lisa Bielawa

Composer, producer, and vocalist Lisa Bielawa wants you for her project, Broadcast from...

42 minuti
Jun 18, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 211: Music for (Sacred) Space with Michael Whalen

Have you ever wondered what the atmosphere of a space sounds like? Well look no further...

33 minuti
Jun 06, 2020

Classical Classroom, Episode 210: Derek Bermel on Travels with Bartok

Academy Award-winning composer and clarinetist Derek Bermel does a lot of traveling, so...

18 minuti
May 13, 2020