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iCritical Care: All Audio

iCritical Care: All Audio

iCritical Care: All Audio

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iCritical Care: All Audio offers access to all of the Society of Critical Care Medicine's podcasts offering in-depth interviews on adult and pediatric clinical topics as well as updates in the field on various issues. Subscribing to All Audio ensures you receive all podcasts, whether iCritical Care hosts are chatting with authors from the Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine journals, or covering other important topics with well-known speakers, prominent SCCM members or various thought leaders.

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SCCM Pod-438 Patient-Ventilator Dyssynchronies and Their Mechanisms

The prevalence and consequences of dyssynchronies are largely underestimated due to fre...

23 minuti
May 17, 2021

SCCM Pod-437 Enteral Feeding Intolerance in the Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill

Enteral feed intolerance occurs frequently during enteral nutrition delivery in the cri...

38 minuti
May 11, 2021

SCCM Pod-436 Interventions to Reduce Patient and Clinician COVID-19 Risk

Extubation is a high-risk endeavor in some COVID-19 patients. Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD,...

30 minuti
May 03, 2021

SCCM Pod-435 Intracranial and Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Thresholds Associated with In-Hospital Mortality Across Pediatric Neurocritical Care

Targets for treatment of raised intracranial pressure or decreased cerebral perfusion p...

16 minuti
Apr 28, 2021

SCCM Pod-434 Tracheostomy Adaptation for COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 complicated critical care clinicians' decision-making with regard to tracheost...

30 minuti
Apr 13, 2021

SCCM Pod-433 Choosing Wisely For Critical Care: The Next Five

Five new recommendations to reduce waste and enhance value in the practice of critical ...

31 minuti
Apr 07, 2021

SCCM Pod-432 Citrate and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

With widespread utilization of continuous renal replacement therapy, its critical to kn...

22 minuti
Mar 10, 2021

SCCM Pod-431 Hypertonic Saline in Children with Raised Intracranial Pressure

Mannitol is a commonly used osmotherapy agent in raised intracranial pressure (ICP) but...

29 minuti
Jan 22, 2021

SCCM Pod-430 Optimal Bundle of Management for Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of premature death worldwide.

35 minuti
Dec 10, 2020

SCCM Pod-429 Drug Dosing Considerations in AKI and RRT

Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is complex, and dosing varies among institu...

21 minuti
Dec 02, 2020

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