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The Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court

The Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court

The Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court

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Brett and Nazim are two attorneys who hate being attorneys. In lieu of practicing law, they have instead developed a podcast to help make the Supreme Court more accessible to the average person. Each week, Brett and Nazim will discuss current Supreme Court cases and how they affect your daily life, while also ruminating on how their dreams of fame and fortune resulted in jokes about Star Wars and wondering how Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks about Facebook.

This Podcast is for entertainment purposes only and is not legal advice. If anything you hear leads you to believe you need legal advice, please contact an attorney immediately.

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Big June Energy

This week's episode gets the big cases out of the way early, as the Court dropped Calif...

60 minuti
Jun 20, 2021

Who Are You? (Doot Doot, Doot Doot)

Brett and Nazim return from vacation to see what we can learn about judges from the cas...

59 minuti
Jun 13, 2021

Guam, Jerry. Guam.

Get ready to learn, folks, because this episode discusses time, poison, wars and 160 mi...

45 minuti
May 30, 2021

Chief Justice Tina Turner

This week's episode covers three recent decisions, CIC Services v. IRS (procedure for c...

42 minuti
May 23, 2021

What Lawyers Should You Sit With At A Wedding?

Listen, there's a lot going on here.  As a general proposition, this week's episode ask...

59 minuti
May 16, 2021

Tinder Profiles for a Supreme Court Justice

Buckle up, because this week we're talking crack cocaine, online dating, and positive a...

52 minuti
May 09, 2021

The Perks of Being a Rich, Conservative Fast Food Franchise Owner

This week's episode covers the case of Thomas More Law Center v. Bontas, which covers w...

46 minuti
May 02, 2021

Principal Doofus

This week's episode revisits the good old days of high school, specifically the case of...

38 minuti
Apr 25, 2021

The Great Court-Packing, Google-Winning Episode of 2021

This week's episode covers a proposed 13 justice Supreme Court in the context of a geni...

52 minuti
Apr 18, 2021

Previewing Wrestlemania with Personal Jurisdiction

That's right, Hulkamaniacs.  This week's supersized episode covers this year's Wrestelm...

66 minuti
Apr 10, 2021