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Love Anyway

Love Anyway

Love Anyway

40 episodi podcast


Our world runs on fear. The loudest voices tell you to be afraid of anyone who’s different. But there’s another way. And it starts with each of us. Love Anyway is an immersive storytelling podcast pushing beyond the simple narrative of “us vs them.” Join us as we explore how ordinary people in places like Iraq, Syria, the US, and on the frontlines of conflict where you live are making the extraordinary choice to love in the face of fear. Love Anyway is produced by Preemptive Love.

Episodi1 - 10 di 40 episodi


From 9/11 to January 6

GuestsJeremy Courtney is the founder and CEO of Preemptive Love. He has lived and worke...

25 minuti
Jan 29, 2021

After the Capitol Attack: A Way Forward

GUESTSJeremy Courtney is the founder and CEO of Preemptive Love. He has lived and worke...

21 minuti
Jan 15, 2021

US Election: Voices From the Other Side of War

Many worry about the risk of violence after the US election. But most Americans have no...

22 minuti
Oct 28, 2020

SPECIAL: Put Your Bodies On The Line

In the US, our Black brothers and sisters, whose forced physical, mental, and emotional...

36 minuti
Jun 12, 2020

Unexpected Empathy: Finding Ourselves in Our Global Neighbors

What does empathy have to do with emergency aid? In this final episode of Season 4, Eri...

17 minuti
May 20, 2020

After Ahmaud Arbery's Killing, Will We Change?

We’ll be back next week with our last regularly scheduled episode of season four. But t...

34 minuti
May 13, 2020

When We Gather Again, Who Will We Be?

In this episode, Vjolca Capri gives her first-hand experience of attending a Love Anywa...

26 minuti
May 06, 2020

It Starts With a Meal: Healing All That's Tearing Us Apart

Remember when we used to eat together? In this episode, we travel everywhere from Atlan...

23 minuti
Apr 29, 2020

BONUS: Stay Home For Us

COVID-19 anywhere is a threat to everyone, everywhere. In this special bonus episode, P...

15 minuti
Apr 27, 2020

Off Book: Writing About War, Forgiveness, and The More Beautiful World (And Book Giveaways!)

In this episode, Jeremy and senior field editor Erin Wilson share a candid conversation...

32 minuti
Apr 22, 2020