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The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

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Join Chris and Julia Tunstall, the founders of top Craft Bartending website, as they discuss tips, tricks and techniques for bartending better, making tastier drinks, and having a fulfilling career behind the bar. Combining Chris' 10+ years' bartending and restaurant consulting experience with Julia's years in spirits media, the two have endless ideas for giving your guests the best possible experience while ending your shift satisfied (and with a full wallet!)

This podcast is for experienced professionals and enthusiasts alike: you'll learn about everything from bar ingredients to cocktail techniques to operating a better bar - plus bonus episodes interviewing industry professionals as well!

We're all about bartending, hospitality, mixology, cocktail creation, craft cocktails, liquor, spirits, beverage programs, restaurants and bars, and the business of the bar. Grow your bar career and have some fun along the way!

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Coffee Cocktails with Levi Andersen and Derrick Wessels!  

51 minuti
Jun 17, 2021

Genever to Gin, an Interview with Gin Expert Philip Duff Join our conversation with gin and genever expert Philip D...

42 minuti
May 18, 2021

A Pandemic Pivot: a Chat with the Founders of Prohibition Pops Join us as we chat with Cornelia Mathis and Cody Carne...

34 minuti
Apr 09, 2021

You don’t actually hate Gin: Why you should give gin another chance! Think you hate gin? Don’t give up! Today we’re talking...

23 minuti
Mar 09, 2021

Taking Dry January to the next level, an Interview with Sharelle Klaus of Dry Botanical Bubbly

38 minuti
Mar 05, 2021

Tips for Dry January, an interview with Chris Becker of Better Rhodes Mocktails Anyone? It's not too late to start your Dry ...

29 minuti
Jan 30, 2021

Cocktails on a Budget: How to Save Money in your Home Bar Craft cocktails are an expensive hobby! We’re talking ...

35 minuti
Jan 19, 2021

Gift Ideas, Cocktail Photography and Writing a Cocktail Book: an Interview with Natalie Migliarini from Beautiful Booze. Beautiful Booze’s Natalie Migliarini is one of the mos...

48 minuti
Nov 27, 2020

Gift Ideas for Cocktail Lovers (According to 10,000 of them!) We asked our two 5000+ member Facebook groups what gif...

34 minuti
Nov 27, 2020

Craft Cocktails and Vodka, an Interview with H. Joseph Ehrmann

52 minuti
Nov 01, 2020