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Simple Roots Radio

Simple Roots Radio

Simple Roots Radio

237 episodi podcast


Simple Roots Radio is hosted by Alexa Schirm. A nutritionist by trade, Alexa has rebelled against common misconceptions about nutrition, and has, instead, created a realistic health-style that will allow you to live a healthy, satisfied and more simplistic life.

Forget dieting for good as Alexa interviews health experts, lifestyle influencers and every day people on what strategies have worked for them and help you implement a plan that can be achieved for life. It’s raw, its funny, its real and unfiltered. It is Simple Roots Radio.

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#232: An Expert's Guide To Making Stress Work For You

I’m no stranger to stress. In some ways, I thrived in stress, even though I hated it. I...

37 minuti
Apr 20, 2021

#231: 5 Tips To Boost Brain Energy

Your brain is a powerful organ. In fact, you could say it's one of the most powerful or...

64 minuti
Apr 15, 2021

#230: Emotional Energy: Change How You Feel To Change How You Look

Emotional energy or emotional healing is a hard topic. But what if it is the topic we n...

41 minuti
Mar 23, 2021

#229: How To Feel More Energized – And Stop Storing Body Fat

PODCAST Alexa Schirm          How To Get More Energy and Stop Storing Body Fat      ...

40 minuti
Feb 26, 2021

#228: How Many Carbohydrates Should I Eat?

How many carbohydrates should you eat? Are they good for you? What about protein and fa...

33 minuti
Feb 14, 2021

#227: This Simple Mindset Shift Changed My Health

Health is a feeling. I know it sounds cliche but understanding this changed my health...

35 minuti
Feb 03, 2021

#226: The Reason You Can't Get Healthy

If you're struggling to get healthy, you're not alone. Health has been a hard thing to ...

31 minuti
Feb 01, 2021

#225: The Last Simple Roots Radio + The Birth Of Something New!

Simple Roots Radio may be coming to an end but something new is just about ready to lau...

37 minuti
Jan 07, 2021

#223: Use Stress To Lose Weight

Stress gets a bad wrap. In fact, I believe we've gone as far as to fear stress that now...

55 minuti
Jul 22, 2020

#222: Using Energy to Change your DNA

Most people believe you're stuck with the DNA you are born with. While this is partiall...

50 minuti
Jul 08, 2020