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Sa of Langs igi 1 18.02 Syllabification and Empty Nuclei in Ath-Sidhar Rifian Berber [FRANCOIS DELL ‘AND (OUFAE TANGI 1 i iw ec eee of ier Rf Ber ‘nn ign op sh of oe fr are devin oe See a of ri sw Suef en epee fee ei eo ed he 9, ‘Scene se tr te pon mane of 2 sry ei ha no CC ne a nin of 3 ed [for ong ec ow ag ie end ‘a oi pr ou mae {ey mn ho tr a “Te Berber dialect deserted ere & spoken in te vie of haga in Morocco. This lage tlongs the a sloa rea. Ts ated about 2a) Kiemeters 1 the northwest of the cy of Nad, in Easter Rik 5 Ment tk Motel Eat Meh Ren ge el het 1 Fugacity cheer ita orgs pet Cn (9, Sittin oe MLL ot 19) 2-1, 67-640 1-25.0275 ‘or water re 15 (One of ws (OT) save speaker of that act. More information on ‘ks mospology and phooogy asisbe ie Tang (1991, hence APPR Tis ate al tansrptons nt ealesed heen ante tas ate phonetic represeataion penn “ora rane whieh ges (rer the vavaons in vows! quaty which ire due 10 seghbor ‘arngel or pharageld eonsonnt std is he ease Of 80, 0 a Mipcent pido'or labor, Unless there ite, the phonetic tramrition of for mca to fepesnt fs promuncation In Sola "ASR. isthe following consonants o e koe a i ee roe oe bos so 8: 4 eofon . . a y oo.e y All ae andering sepeats exept or @ and hich re relations ‘tw! and yt Ka are nid ware and w are eva es (Soles a wae Wane Tare panyegeal eatnes (ees ad iced) ht a mormured loa fate (oid he); xcept for the Tnbinized velar all consonants alow a comtast between plan a fuminste.Geminate consonants ate longer an th pln countepat {Tein rca fr sendy lot say momentary reloation atthe ounday betwee the ist io the serine nd ccd Rae They te represent by sequcace of two Went ett In don {sauce ako fine at the phonetic level ajcnt atl onsnant the ist of which Basa ste ease, That release the Phonetic mansion of a sha, eso 5 ‘When 4 word contains sm “empha” Segment, cmphass & spread ‘er the whole word at the phoned eel. his ate Is relevant to know which opment os morpbewe o wed is he leu of emphasis 1 the phonlogal evel "idee ht al the pment i he Beat ‘torpheme or word are emphatic "The vowels of ASR ate kal and sta, which we wansribe ae. aw ate rther sor. They sound like French and wn unstessed Dlbie ASR fartbermore poses the pong ew (lel) 40d ot 2 _ a are ew ne gf i oe 2 doa), whlch ate the phonetic rence of fe) and Iu Scorn Ssitbament? Tete te 80 legih coms In vowels at any eel of ‘eptesenatin, in ASR, ser have He stems 1. peteiveafimatte, 2. perfective segue, 3 nperecive arma, 4 mperfctive negative and S20, tls ned ae an impertve perv. Fr the sake of rev the Bist ‘toc will etexpetvly led 1 pis, 2 neptve and impr ‘este ue tnt for the perton,mamher apd gender (henceforth PNG) oftheir subj, A PN may ea plc asl or 4 soma tion ofboth, Het tof the PNG inte conjostion OF ASR. a 1s iv ns cy as ie i. = amp fmcess 2 fa Sp fct>/ ip a impor 2p, ey parti? Phonetic, tme/ and m-c¥>/ ed al. outs diingush two members, singular and plural, two genders, rmavaline tnd feminine tad two Hate fee ste and boend ste. The ‘deruson of grammatical gender Inthe excon stl to that found fn French or ‘Spenshe grammatical gender conelates with senate [dr In animate nouns sod bere osyncrae, excep in cerain ‘Soc whee guader change tse to frm derive nouns, when he feminine eed ae maker ‘of the Gmeutve “Site” a egy ne 3 cetn cmt el ewe deo s Seoefanee SogteSo a Seed pre scala ape oem wih oc ony ae er ae pe kin Jo cae. A noun appeats ims Bound sate form when i & utes ad follows it et or when Hs the efet of preposition, ftherwse ther i fue state foe Direct aod indies chee prone will be releed 1 as les’ ‘gy mmedly flow the vero uns Is preseded ya "ren", in hich case they immediately presdei.Forlsuance the 36 cect ‘hj pronoun tows the vet in fen They (mand er, ta pce the vein wn fle they (1) dno nd er The ls of verbs incode the analogs ofthe Sova wh-tords of English the ‘opin and corn complements By inetd form” we mat 2 scm andthe afi tached 19 in case here ae any. “need form” and "WoUd™ Wl te wet as Synonyms The following are wots essa. "cach impt 2 from (suai ima “com om unary, oR, om a By phonologeal phrase me mean an infected fovm andthe ccs Serrounding he and cern proerts hie the nepaion marker the Compebenizer a8 andthe ampimetbet# (lathe clauses). want Sta tan ste ponotogi pass nou risrptions the Poandares etecen morphemes are indicted types woh they arene inside am ated fot OeWse "ey ae indatd by nbank # indicts word eg whith nt abo the edge of a phonological pas, and ## isktes the edge of Phoootgial pas "When we site verbal frm without ging any indication abou is rmorpologsl make-up iis pete imperative i he second peso singular. When we cite eal form witout indicating wich stem i bail op, we Svante (te boil on the prfthe stm. Nous eed thot Indeation of manfer sf inthe saga. those ced without Indication of tate ae isthe fee state ier neseay to indeste Hat tho morpemes are component of 4s porimaneny, hie poses wl Re separate by 4 eon For Instance the English words men and boys Would sormaly te glossed as "man PP ‘a oy p Du If the eed ares they cou be poe a np and te "We salle te folowing abbreviations: ‘tne 2 ts bound tte ain imine o tert ebes t feminine fs fice sate (i nouns) or feminine singer (mers “ot ls) inpet imperative imp Inpetcine ™ mncline i negate p plural ar patie n perfective Pro ‘Stal grement mae (or Peron Nomber Gene) ‘ sing ‘our primary purpose inthis section sto present the hase fs about the, phonoacis of ASR. To tis end ve inode 9 syattation ‘Shete ch fe model fer One ea) peopsed for another diet fof Borer, where ay consonant can occ! athe maces of a sabe? For ASR, however, thie sysbieton scheme ‘sno more than a omenion expat device as wll boom ea ne 0 Therese ho slic comsmans fa ASR! Besides te fal” vowel. ‘Tan! wr wih belong tothe undeing inventory, ASR Bas 2 vowel Sia (0), Seta atcastes with nero and i ocuences can” Be Pretised from the erviroameat. Hele ae some eamples showing Shernatons between seen and 1 ek Daan ato 5 hs 8) 5 inary eh