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ALONE Words and Music by BILLY STEINBERG and TOM KELLY Moderate Rock Bom — Gbladd Ad) Ab ABIGD Bbm Goad Ab) Ab FTIA lew tt T hear the tick-ing of the clock T'm ly = ing here, the room's pi You don'tknowhow long 1 havewant- ed to touchyour lips’ and hold you~ tight. I won-derwhereyou are. to - night, no an-swer on your Youdon'tknowhow long I—— have wait = ed and I was gon= na tel =e = phone. ‘And the night goes by so ver - y slow. tell you to - night. But the se - cret_. is still, my own, PSE, —— = I (© 1997 BILLY STEINBERG MUSIC & DENISE BARRY MUSIC (ASCAP) Gbikb Db FARR ay" Ha FR ; AYR Santa” oh. I hope that it won't and—my love for you is end. though, a+ lone. still un = known, a= Jone, al-ways got by. on my own, I nev- er real- ly cared un = til 1 met you. — gp ee one) sh How do 1 get you a Tone?. eC oeo Ee rr <= How do 1 get you a= lone? Ebm ia rs an at” Gs Db Ebm ce @ Db ser real- ly cared un- til I met you, And now Guitar solo (ad lib.) timc o om eS ———— ign = = p. _ st » ore a= = [Diy Pee == eS ; get you a= lone? get you a= lone, GbiDs fai AR Ho