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‘ FOREVER YOUNG Wonts by Music by (MARIAN GOLD FRANK MERTENS and BERNHARD LLOYD an F bm iF Ang. Mog Gee ee meh Let’sdance instyle,let’s dance-for a while Hea-ven can ay i mel — for the best but ex-pect-ing the worst Are you going to drop the bomb or not? Let_us die _young—or let uslive for-ev - ef wedon’thave the pow- er but we ne-ver say ne ~ © 18 ty ol Bute Gr 6 Co. Mason, ain ih nc Gry, 8 Sevan edie y Raw Wak Machen Gn, Mncen % 2 g sit-ting in .a sand-pit, life is a short trip ‘The musie’sforthesad_— men aiid fh 4a tig Can you i= ma - gine when thisrace is won? Tumourgold-en fa - ces In- to the sun fy ait te Ere prais-ing our lead - ers, wo'reget-ting in tune— the music's played by the am a] + ver young, — T want to be for-e ver young — Do youreally want to live for-e- ver, ande- ver Fore - veryoung, want tobe 4 Doyoureal-ly wanttolive for-e - ver fore - ver young. Someare a me - lo-dyandsomearethebeat _ Soon-er or la = ter, theyallwill begone.. a Et Why don't they stay young? It's so hard toget old__—with-out a cause am F c bm eel I don’twant to pe - rish like a fad-ing horse Youth’slike dia- monds in the sun ett - ‘And diamonds are for -e - ver So ma- ny dreams-swing-ing out of the blue ver young, — He Ds. al Coda ver_young t z STB ts eid 8 Se Es Do youreally want tolivefor-e - ver young. geiaer ie ee Repeat 10 Fade am. ; eas