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The Structure of Atonal Music Allen Forte New Haven and London Yale University Press Originally published with assistance from the Mary Ccady Tew Memorial Pund. Copyright ©1973 by Ye University [Allright reserved, This book may not be eprdced, in whole orin part, in ny form (Geyond that copying permitted by Sections 107 and 108 ofthe U.S. Copyright Law and except by reviewers forthe public press, without writen permission fom the publisher. Library of Congress catalog card number: 72-9129 International standard book number: 0-300-01610-7 (tt) (0-300-02120-8 (ape) | Designed by John 0.C. MeCrilis aod set in Press Roman type | Printed the United Stats of Americ by “The Murray Priming Co, Westford, Mas Music avography by Carl A Rosenthal. Contents Preface Part 1 Part 2 Pitch-Class Sets and Relations 1.0 Pitch combinations 1.1 Pitch-Class sets 1.2. Normal order; the prime forms 1.3. Transpositionally equivalent pe sets 1.4 Inversionally equivalent po sets 15 The list of prime forms; set names 1.6 Intervals of a pe set; the interval vector 1.7. Some properties of interval vectors 1.8 Cardinal number and interval content 1.9 Non-equivalent pe sets with identical vectors 1.10 The subsets of a pe set 1.11 Invariant subsets under transposition 1.12 Invariant subsets under inversion 1.13 Similarity relations 1.14 Order relations 1.15 The complement of a pe set 1.16 Segmentation Pitch-Class Set Complexes 2.0 Introduction 2.1 The set complex K 2.2 The subcomplex Kh 23 Set-Complex sizes 2.4 The closure property 2.5 Invariance within the set complex 2.6 Similarity relations within the set complex 2.7 Set-Complex structures of small scale 28 Set-Complex structures of larger scale Appendix 1 Prime Forms and Vectors of Pitch-Class Sets Appendix 2. Similarity Relations Appendix 3. The Subcomplexes Kh Glossary of Technical Terms References Index 1 Musical Examples Index 2. Pe Sets in Musical Examples Index 3 General Index 13 16 19 21 4 29 38 46 60 B 8 213 2s 216 23