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SUBURBIA Words and Music by NEIL TENNANT and CHRIS LOWE rrr * © 1986 Cage Music Lté./10 Music Ltd, 101-109 Ladbroke Grove, London WII IPG Intemational Copyright Secured AML Rights Reserved cm % iH Lost in Stood by Break Ison iz ——— roam - ing su = bur - ban boys. | inthis su | bur = ban hell lis - ten a si - ren screams, this is their hour of need. Hy Mother's got her hair do tobe done_ she And in the dis tance a police to, There in the dis > tance like "a of Where's ___a policeman, _ when need one to ——— says they're too old for toys. break the su - bur ban spell. all the su - bur =~ ban dreams. blame the col = our eae cas and run with Dm te dogs to ~ night su - bur mane e You can’t runwith the dogs to