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WHO’S LOVIN’ YOU Words and Music by WILLIAM ROBINSON MONOLOGUE, WITH BLUES ACCOMPANIMENT: Td like to talk to y'all tonight... about the blues. Yeah, the blues. Don’t nobody have the blues like I have. T may be young but I know what it’s all about, And this is how it bring down . T met a girl at school one day during sandbox. We toasted our love during milk break 1 gave her my cookies. We fell out during fingerpainting. So one day, Lstepped up 10 her and I satd .. Slow blues, = 54 NC oa Em @ Em Bot Who'sLova' Yau 4-1 eee orig @ 1960 JOBETEMUSIECO.NC. ASCAR tees! SOB Seed Nie USA At Rae Reses Pm gon -na_ all my love,___ ba -by,__be-| (all. my life) Wio'sLovin’ You 4-2 “068WS GDFr Em AT br longs to you on-Iy.__Come on, _ come on and take it, girl. ‘Come on and take it. Be-cause_ all can do, all Tean do_ ‘you been gone is ry. don't ev-er wonder for wor-ry your pret-ty head —__ WhosLovn’ You 4-3 sew 7 cr Gr cr Cid? GD AyI3G7

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