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* FIOCCA LA NEVE (Snow) Giovanni Pascoli English version by Lorraine Noel Finley Pietro Cimara PP Molto moderato Voice Len-ta Ia ne - ve fio - ea, five - ca, Slow-ly the star - ry flakes of snow are Piano z Sen-ti, u-na za - na don-do-la pian pia - no. Lis-ten to a cra - dlerhyth-mi-cal-ly swing - ing. Un bim-bo pian - ge, il pic-ciol di - tin boc Fe-vered,a child is’ tear-ful-ly wake-ful, call - ing;——— Print in the US.A. by G. Schirmer, Ine 25 = Can-tan-na vee - chia, il men-to sul-la ma - Try-ing to soothe him, an a-gedone is sing - inj Poco pitt mosso_p legato ¢ dolce Ata se ie =? : th - tor - noal tuo let - “A” gar = den grows a - si AD zt ge jas. ae fis = ae let a PP 7 PA és? = Sa cee cu co-meun bel_ giar- di - bloom - ing. Lil - ies there sur- round you. if ——*t col canto Ra * Fa * 6 Nel bel giar- di; no il bim - bo s'ad - dor-men - Cov-ered with flow'rs, the child’s young heart is drift - dim. molto ralt. _ rit, 9 P fioc- ca la fioc- ca la ne - ve len - ta, lon - ta, len - ta, Qui- et - ly Slow-ly the snow is fall - ing,slow - ly sift - ing, fioe-ca lane qui-et-ly drift