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HOW TO aes: a. ) ; a Mt ie Photography by Phyllis Irwin, Ed. D. Photography by } Phyllis Irwin, Ed. D. / Preface This manual was written to help stringed instrument players solve the problem of bow rehairing. With the advent of the school orchestra the problem has become increasingly difficult, especially for those musicians who live a long way from large cities. The manual has one objective — to instruct and guide the ama- teur, so that by carefully completing each step he will be able to do an entirely satisfactory job of bow rehairing. The author acknowledges the invaluable instruction, received many years ago, from Mr. Anton Voit and Mr. L. F. Geiger, of Voit and Geiger, Inc., Chicago, Illinois. Also, the author acknowledges the very understanding help from Mr. H. Benson of William Lewis and Son, in Chicago. This work is affectionately dedicated to the memory of Leroy F. Geiger, who was a mastercraftsman, author, teacher, friend.