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Lean On ‘Words and Music by Karen @rsted, William Grigahcine, Thomas Pentz and Philip Meckseper += 100 Eymai7 Gm Esmaj7 Gm sthout Peal Gm Bisust Bh ‘would walk. on the side = walk Do you re~ call, not Jong a= 20, — we walk down the same road? What will we do” when we get old?_ Wil, we mp cont. sim. Exmai7 F Gm Gsust Gm oS = In no - cent re-mem = ber? all we did was care for each Will you be there. by my side? Stand - ing strong ‘as the waves roll _ (© 2015 Reverb Musk Ltd and Copyright Control “Al Rights Revered Authorized for use by www.notly.ra Esmaj7 F Gm Bisust BS tit — SS were bold and young.) But the night was wan, we for you & come home.) oth - er ae long, tong = ing 0 ver But the nights Gm Ebmaj7 aii if the wind blows, wewouldon = ly hold_ on to ket g0._ Blow a kiss, fre a gun,___we all need some - one to ean on,_ Authorized for use by www.notly.ra Ehmnaj7 Blow a kiss Eynai7 blow a kiss, Funai? i Dlow a kiss Gaust = SS all_ we need is somebod - lean on, Bysust — fre a gun wwe will need some - one Gm Gsust Ga S — fre a gun all we need is somebod - Fig.l y © Bisust By Ebmaj7 F Gm Gsust Gm. ‘Git Vox Fig 1) * Authorized for use by www.notly.ra Bisust BL ESmaj7 F Gm Gsust Gm a m (@ with Vor. Fig. 1) Eymaj7 F Gm Bisust Bh ey itt iff eet ay = Ebmaj7 Gm Gsust_ Gm Esmai? F DS. al Fine Gm Bisust BL Ebmaj? F Gm Gsust Gm Authorized for use by www.notly.ra