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THE BOOK UF REAT Contents Angel Eye Anything Bor YOU ssnsnsnnsnnnnnd® Beauty And The Beast. Because You Loved Me By Heart Can You Feel The Love Tonight ...36 Candle On The Water 33 (Chances Arc) eet 40 Circle OF Life Phe Dance su Don’t Know Much Dreaming Of You .... . 56 For The Fitst Time ssn 62 For You I Will. (1 Wanna Take) Forever ‘Tonight ....68 Forever’s As Far As I'll Go. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? He ave tenn 88 I Believe In You And Me... 92 1. Can Love You Like That .. 1 Do 100 1 Finally Found Someone .. I Love You Always Fore I Swear. 112 If Ever You're In My Arms Again If Tomorrow Never Comes Love, Me Me And You.. More Than Words. 132 ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 136 Once In A Lifetime 144 Once Upon A Dream Open Arms .. Over The Rainbow... The Rose... Save The Best For Last... 160 ‘The Shadow Of Your Sm 198 ‘Theme From “Ive Castles” (Through The Eyes OF Love) ....165 Valentine .. 168 When You Tell Me hat You Love Me A Whole New World. 191 ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings......184 You Mean The World To Me.r.n.200 You Were Meant For Me wl T9 FOR YOU I WILL Slowly J= 72 Forse: mF Bb 4 ie i Words and Music by DIANE WARREN se 1.When you're feel-ing lost inthe heart from the 7 #9 sight, way be wait shel will be— your ain cat On, these just ForYou! wit-5-1 (©1996 REALSONGS.WB UIC CORP (ASCAP) ‘Nags Reserved ee night... when you feel your rain 1 won't let “no ¢ 4 Count on no, these ing.