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INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM Test Report Form [AcabeMG | JOTE Aanason unter a peta coe stout ben he ACADEME Ready and Wg eos N GENERAL TRAINING Reading and Writing Modules are not designed to est the fil range of language skis required for academic purposes. {tarecanmonte trite conse bngeage wa nace Ta agora be ceed ate bers fone oe et =a Centre Number | IN120 Date AGIFEBI2 | Candidate Number | 019424 ee 1008 Pee SS essere Candidate Details First Name Candidate 1D Date of Birth 05/05/1990 Sex (MiF) | M ‘Scheme Code [Pea Censidete | [isa > First Baa | Hi Orgn Language | Purlabi Repeating “| Previous IELTS (VIN) Previous [ | Test Cente, | Test Results I =~ HE ee Administrator Comments Writing Examiner Administrators 982400 Number Sigiati Speaking Examiner | am | Test Report Form 2710212008, Number SRB coc ees Number @@ BRITISH lELTS UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE, SSCOUNGL «BAS ES AES ‘The validity ofthis IELTS Test Report Form can be verified online by recognising organisations at