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Victoria University International iy indi» Campus ton 3.301 Flders lone Melboune 20 Box 14428 Melbourne ie 8001 Auta 15 July 2008 Phone +61 39919 Ned Fax x61 3 9919 1009 itemoorl@w ed. ov swrsmad.oy/éeraonal ID: 3802656 ie Peden COT Gurpreet singh Gurpreet singh AArlibnan Gurdaspur Punjab India Dear Mr Gurpreet singh DOB: 05/05/1990 Congratulations! Your application to Victoria University has been successful. You have been offered a conditional place in the following program in Semester 1, 2011 | Course: Bachelor of Social Work (ABUW) cRICOS: 23711 Campus: St Albans Expected Duration: 6 semesters | Course Start Dat 728 February 2011 | Course End Date: 31 December 2013, Course Fee Deposit ¥$A7,000.00 per semester OSHC Fee: $A1,055.00 (Overseas Student Health Cover for course duration) “Course start date will be confirmed closer to enrolment. Course fees quoted are for commencement in 2008 only. Fees for courses commencing in 2011 are yet to be set and are likely (o increase. Fees are paid according to the 2011 fee list. Updated fees will be listed after 31st July 2010 at ‘This offer is subject to you meeting the following conditions: 1. Providing a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (COB) for the Diploma of Community Welfare Work from Cambridge International College. 2. Successfully completing the Cambridge International College Diploma of Community Welfare Work ‘and satisfactorily meeting the supplementary entrance and selection requirements as determined by the Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development, 3, Submitting (wo written references and two personal written statements for the Faculty to review. If your weitten application meets the Faculty’s eligibility criteria you will be invited to atendt 4 group interview. {A full offer will be made to those applicants whio are successful in meeting both the academic and additional requirements including a group interview. Notification regarding the mandatory supplementary requirements will be communicated to you at a later date. To confirm your acceptance of this offer you are requested to: (@) Read the International Student Offer Acceptance Information booklet (enclosed/attached). () Read the University’s Refund Policy included in the booklet, or available at ‘www. policy, (©) Prepare a bank draft/cheque for $1,000.00 (non-refundable course fee deposit) made payable to Victoria University (@ Complete and sign the International Student Offer Acceptance Form ineluded in the booklet, and return it with the above payment to Victoria University Internationa. vicroria | ANEW UNIVERSITY | Tioluitt. Victoria University International Cty lnxe Cony tow 3, 301 Funder tora, Melbourne PO tos 14428 Mebours Vie 80 Aust Phone +61 29919 164 Fox t6l 3 9919 1009 naratenctOw.9bi0+ ‘ Cn nade OORAE Acceptance of the offer is subject to availability of places in the course atthe time of acceptance. On receipt of your first semester fee, the OSHC fee and the completed International Student Offer Acceptance Form you will be sent our University’s Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Please quote your student ID number in all future correspondence. We look forward to weleoming you to Vietorla University. Yours sincerely Che rere Recruitment Victoria University International