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TAS U5] ONE ‘Words by CYNTHIA WEIL Slowly Music by BARRY MANN Om/c Cmaj7/E Cc. bm e : i Fmaj7 Fmaj7/G G Ciadas) Fmaj7 i & i ie guess my best. was-n't good. e~nough_ ‘cause here are back. where we were. be- fore, — Try ai may nave Been- too much ‘cause Lord knows, weve nots “get’= dng ane: Se weeee = Em7 Dm7 Gsus G im fy gt 3 Seems noth - ing ev + er chang Te seems " wote al | ways Dow 2181 Ary Music cone and Ma 8 Wa Son, We sig Conan dra AOD AE ree a MTA SOS Le ‘ts tree IeratorlConpight sees” Ue E7sus ‘Amadea) back to be - ing stran = gers ev - er we've. got = ure out > ure out Dm7 go - what we. what_we. ir 37 Ciateoy/E Ei i we ought. to stay_ with all we've got— Gc 138 FIG 6 Cc a/c le last for more than just. one__ ic last for_more— than just one Oa WH Ea) 4 know we coud__break throught Fm7 cim7 Byaaus/DF = Bom7 ct Db/Eb Why it al - ways_ —-comes_back___ to good - Bias) ag Grm7 3 cant we get_our- selves hand. Ejaads) Beadaa/D4 ie ay no good without each oth - er, 140 Ctm7 Beaaas)/DE Em7 G/A a i IE Take the best and make it bet-ter, Find_a way to stay to-geth - er D AD Am7/D D7/FE <> @ way. to fin - ly make it Gmaj7 D/FE Em7 AIG the mag - ic last for more than_ ‘one night?_ we coukdjust_ get to ° Em/D i Dmaj7/Fe Gmajo Gmaj7/AG/A Bradés) i ‘ it ae